Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Because this makes me feel better than the State of The Union

I dont know if it is ironic or not, but tonight intead of watching the President's State of the Union address, I choose to watch the trailer for Superman Returns - a lot. And wow golly gee...I really cant wait. As the winter blues kick in while the State of the Union is questionable there is nothing like a good trailer for a July blockbuster to warm the soul.

For the most part I find trailers infinitely more enjoyable than the actual films. And the trailer for Superman is one of the best I have ever seen. This will be one of those rare cases where I know the movie will live up to the trailer's power and I am happy to have this gem hold me over while I count the seconds until July.

Superman Returns TRAILER:
Cry Meter: 10 (I cried at the end of the trailer that "the light" bit got me-weep!)
Hot Actor Factor: 10 (really now, is all that necessary?)
#of times my sentimental heart string were tugged: 7
#of times I wondered if the new Lois Lane is gonna be smoker like she was back in '78): 2
#of times I watched the trailer: lost count after 8
#of days until July: too many


Damn that Awards Show Music!

Well, awards season has officially begun (it actually started several weeks ago but I have been in denial). Its that time of year where Hollywood chooses to congratulate itself for mediocre performances, sloppy directing and nonsensical plotlines. Hollywood, the only biz that feels the need awards itself incessantly, is bracing for another great year of red carpet gossip, back stage chuckles and Governors Ball indigestion. And we, the viewers, eat it up like Godiva chocolate. So on the day that Oscar noms are announced I feel it is important to take pause and reflect apon the abomination that is award shows.

For the most part I can handle the technical glitches, the right of center bad jokes in host monologues and even the occasional undeserving actor/actress/director/picture win. What I have a HUGE problem with is award show theme music circa 1972 that finds its way in every break out to and in from commercial. Go ahead, take a moment to locate the tune in your brain. I know its there.

"Da-nat Da-nat donnn-nnaaaaaa, Da-nat Da-nat Da-nat donnn-nnaaaaaaa" is what it sort if sounds like. Its stale, its boring, it was old when shoulder pads were in fashion and it must go away. Every show from the Academy Awards, to the Golden Globes to SAG has some version of this horrid song. And I say enough or ready!

Rest assured though, there is one show out there that I am certain will NOT I repeat NOT play such audio Blasphemy. Fingers crossed.

Praise be to Tivo!

Friday, January 27, 2006


Posted on Oprah's website

I don't care whether or not James Frey lied or told the truth. I didn't read the book, nor do I plan to. But yesterday, Oprah's true self shown through. She looked like a monster, ripping into a person who is clearly shattered. She should have taken the higher ground by simply informing viewers who want to read A Million Little Pieces that they should be prepared for something more along the lines of a fictional story with a lesson rather than a work of pure truth. That was all she needed to say. Instead she looked holier than thou as she sat there quizzing James Frey.

Oprah treated James Frey like a criminal and in doing so she created IRRESPONSIBLE TELEVISION. Why can't Oprah see that James Frey, a drug addict, is a victim. If a rape victim wrote a memoir and changed certain things and embellished others, would Oprah give her the same gift of public humiliation? It is very sad that Oprah failed to realize that publicly flogging this drug addict is morally despicable. After all, he did overcome his addiction and clean up. And in the end, isn't that what is most important?

I am SICK of seeing the headlines that read OPRAH FIRES BACK as if she is some god, some hero for the masses. Oprah is not a god and she is not a hero, and calling her such is blasphemy in its worst regard. What she did today is anti-hero. Instead of fighting for the smaller person she STOMPED on him. Instead of giving him, the weaker person, strength she deprived him of DIGNITY. Instead of finding the real message, she trivialized it.

Regardless of what we all think of Oprah, she is still a person that is not without flaw. Occasionally she should remind herself of that and exercise a little humility. The real issue here is that Oprah only cares about herself and how she looks. She endorsed a book that was not what she thought it was and in reality - what's the big deal? Is she really that "embarrassed"? Because I thought the idea behind Oprah's book club was simply to get people to read; I didn't know her integrity was of such consequence. Couldn't a simple "I'm sorry" from James Frey been enough for Oprah? Or does she simply get off on throwing her power about.

And what's all the fuss about "truth?" I am shocked to hear that Oprah suddenly cares about truth. Where has she been for the past, lets see, six years? If TRUTH were important to Oprah perhaps she would have addressed such issues as WMDs, the elections, and even her own personal life. I guess TRUTH is a new commodity for Oprah, one more thing she intends to sell to America along with designer bras and space age washing machines.

Sadly, this show has made me seriously reconsider whether or not my respect for Oprah as been misguided. What are her lies? What are her secrets? And how would she feel if she was publicly flogged? Would her nose itch? Would she shake a little?

Bottom line, there are more important things that need attention in this world. Oprah's ego is not one of them. And, it is a TRUE shame that once again Oprah chose to air a show that serves only Oprah.


Thursday, January 26, 2006


So Much Religion, So Little Time

Every year I leave Sundance wanting to check out the Mormon tabernacle because, well, what else do you do when you are in Salt Lake City? But each year I leave without seeing the LDS wonder. Until...yesterday.

We arrived in SLC hours before our plane to NYC departed and so we decided to kill time at the Mormon tabernacle. We drove 6miles to the city center until we arrived at the front gates of all that is Mormon. It is actually an interesting complex, filled with Stone Mason like buildings on a pristine (and I mean pristine) campus.

We were greeted at the front gate by Sister Jenny, who asked us if we were interested in taking a guided tour. I politely said, "No." Then she suggested we view a 15minute film on "Family." I said, "No" again. When Sister Jenny finally backed off we were invited to walk around the campus to take pictures.

I negotiated my way into the 21,000 seat conference center, got fingerprinted by the crosswalk button (I'm for real, the crosswalk button beeped and glowed red when I pressed it), and got a lecture by Sister Jenny on values. All that in under 20minues.

In the end I am glad I took this side trip. If nothing else, to get a glimpse inside a world I really cant under stand (said, while sipping a glass a red wine). I gotta also give it up for Sister Jenny for really trying her darnest to get me to watch that family values movie-one of the best pitches for a screening I've heard all week (Sundance included).

(NOTE: I mean no offense to any LDS who is reading this---I praise you for your cleanliness, masonry, and all around chipper mood).

Utah. Out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hold Me Now

With all the 80s music that I have playing in the Sundance condo its no wonder that I've combed my hair to one side ponytail, picked up some frosted lip gloss and spent my time here at The Sundance Film Festival chewing on some bubble yum. Ok, none of that is true-except for the 80s music part.

With 26 hours left before I pack it up and head back to NY I thought now would be a good time to reflect on those 80s misfits that I once adored and who are now here, running around Sundance, desperate for a movie role that they feel will elevate them to "more than just the Breakfast Club" status (so sad that most of them refuse to accept that we love them because of the very thing they try so hard to shed).

Here are some of the 80s faces I've seen this week at Sundance:

Corey Feldman: leaving the Phillips Lounge with some swag bags. NOT ONE PARAZZI noticed him or snapped a picture. I am sad for Feldman, I regret not screaming his name, for surely I can't be the only one in this town that feels the loss for what was once a great Corey empire.

Rob Lowe: Walking down Mainstreet, by himself. He looks like a girl.

Robert Downey, Jr.: When I saw his sort of sober (not really) self I couldn't help but yearn for the 80s version of Robert Downey, Jr. The one with the gapped teeth. I think I liked that Downey Jr. better.

The Beastie Boys: Aging is optional

Matt Dillon: Still cool.

Only one more day left at Sundance but--oh what I would give to see Jake Ryan!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Sir Dance A Lot.

Sundance. Well, lets see...I have been here for 3 days and I have acid reflux. Sundance, a once charming mountain fest has turned into Disney world on snortable heroine. Am I happy to be here? Sure. Do I want to come home? Absolutely.

Popmuse is giving you more detailed upbeat updates, so go there if you want the play by. I have officially hit the 'wall of insanity' the day that crazy begins to take over as you get drunker and drunker on too much festival.

Here are my highlights so far:
-My condo mate freaking out because he cant find his National Enquirer in our very messy (but plush) condo
-Popmuse changing all of the homepages in the HP lounge to this
-This blog
-Seeing Josh Hartnett this morning (so damn cute)
-Coming to the conclusion that being a celebrity heckler is more fun than being a celebrity worshiper
-Celeb sitings: lots
-Screenings: 0 (shhhh, dont tell anyone)

You should also note that the all 80s movie music-all day long is working out famously. I cant stop singing Woman's Work by Kate Bush.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Doing the Dance...

I'm at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah.

I'll blog updates soon...celebrity gossip and what not.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006



This just in from the Xtinefiles field correspondent Oliver who is right now LIVE at the Depeche Mode concert in Berlin.

The fuzzy picture to the right is from inside the 12,000 seat arena (the Velodrom).

Oliver's LIVE field quote...
9.02 pm Berlin: "and now it’s finally time for god to arrive techno is not dead!!! it’s a manifesto. now the show starts. DM intro!. Oh my god!"

stay tuned for more updates/ reviews.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Suffer Well

Its official.

Me. Depeche Mode. Febuary 21st.

, France.

'nuff said.
(xoxoxoxox to friends in high places. you know who you are.)

In other DM Tour news, stay tuned to Xtinefiles for complete reviews of the DM show in Berlin from XtineFiles overseas correspondent Oliver. Coming later this week.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Lazy Sunday

Hello- Andy Samberg on SNL?? Could he be the new (better) Jimmy Fallon? I think so.

Like all shaggy haired, goofy guy guy SNL cast members of the past, there is nothing like young fresh blood to keep SNL alive. And, everytime I'm ready to remove SNL from my Tivo list they do something like- adding a cute shaggy guy. For now SNL shall remain in my Tivo, as I look forward with glee to Samberg Saturdays.

Want some vintage Samberg? go here

For something crunchier, go here.

Still can't get enough? go here

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Demented and Sad, but Social

Xtine is off to The Sundance Film Festival in less than a week and the offices of XtineFiles need YOUR help....

Each year at Sundance Pop Muse and I choose 1 type of music or album that we play over and over and over again...it becomes the sound track of our time there and tends to be the ONLY music we play- in our production office, in the car, all over that damn city.

We got particularly creative in 2004 by going exclusively Rap and followed it up with Reggae in 2005 which was a total much need departure from what you would expect to hear among the throngs of pretentious indie film makers in Park City Utah (sorry, but it is true).

Anyway... we are having some back and forth on this years theme. Pop Muse is mildly protesting my Depeche Mode suggestion and has instead suggested JOHN HUGHES 80s MOVIE BRAT PACK OBSCURE SOUNDTRACK SONGS which is totally brilliant but before I totally buy in I wanted to get your thoughts.

Here is a list of what won out in the past....help us decide the future...

The History:

music style: trying to be cool hipster rock
Coldplay Parachutes
Andrreas Johnson "Glorious"

music style: dirty pop
NSYNC "No Strings Attached"

music style: soundtracks
The Vanilla Sky Soundtrack
The Beach Soundtrack
Out of Sight Soundtrack

music style: Rap
Jay Z the Black Album

music style: Reggae
50 First Dates Soundtrack

What will 2006 be?

Make your suggestions here.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Into The Ring of Fire

"Whats with all the black, you look like you're going to a funeral"..."maybe I am."

I finally saw Walk the Line tonight. It took me a little while to embrace this film, but when I finally did- it was worth it. I'm not usually one for bio-pics and well, lets face it, Johnny Cash was kinda scary. But now I sort of get it.

Joaquin and Reese were amazing. Oscar worthy at least. And in truth it was only because of them that I kept watching, until the end.

Cry Meter: level 4
Wow factor: 10 (I cant believe Joaquin did all that singing, who knew?)
#of times I reflected on the idea of Joaquin playing a character plagued by the death of his brother: 10 (River....weep)
#of times I thought about my interview with Joaquin for the film Signs: 3
#of times I will beg Academy members to vote for Reese for the Oscar: 1,000

Wednesday, January 11, 2006



I was very satisfied with the poetic way the Joy Division moments where handled in 24 Hour Party People. So satisfied that I never really felt a Joy Division movie would be a necessary thing, but it seems that New Order feels differently.

Looks like Anton Corbijn will direct "Control" a film based on a book by Ian Curtis' widow. Its been 26 years since Curtis' death, but I guess somewhere in that lies the start and end of an era. (Samantha Morton will play Curtis wife, no news yet on who will play Curtis, though I think Cillian Murphy would be a good idea.)

Read more here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006



I cant get to the movies because I am always working (which is ironic because I indirectly work in the movies) at any rate, I give you Xtinefiles' first guest blogger...check out LAURA's Xtinefiles review of Munich:

I devoted nearly 4 hours at the movies on Sunday to see Munich. I thought I'd be watching the story of what happened before the hostage crisis in Munich. Instead this was the story of the hostage crisis and what unfolded, secretly, over the next 5 to 10 years between Israel, the Arabs, Palestine and all the 3 letter groups: PLO, ETA, KGB, FBI, CIA, etc.

Being not so in tune with history from the late 60's to early 70's, I wished there was a paragraph with some back history opening the film like in Star Wars. It took me 30 min just to figure out what was going on! But 2 1/2 hours later I was completely enthralled in a film whose content is still very much relevant today. I won't say any more other than in the end Spielberg chooses to be ironic.

Xtinefiles rating system (aka this aint your mama's mpaa):
Total Running Time: 2 hours 44 minutes
# of times I thought a terrorist attack might happen at the theater
while watching this movie: 1 (which is actually far below average for a NYC screening)
Hot Actor Factor: 10 (Eric Bana!)
# of times I regret not paying attention in 9th grade history class: 3

Monday, January 09, 2006


Bono Has 2 Eyes!!!

I woke up at 3am this morning and was not able to fall back to sleep. Under the right circumstances I would see this as an opportunity to fulfill the demands of #9 on my things to do in 2006 list, but I was not in the mood for Rachel Ray's EVOO rants or stories of the Apocalypse on History. Instead I turned on VH1 and watched some videos.

Its been a couple a weeks since I've watched videos and while I have been gone it is apparent that I missed one glaringly huge event.


For the first time in over a decade Bono took off his sun glasses! In the video for Original of the Species, a tearing eyed Bono reveals that both of his eyes are in fact still in his head. Why this isn't getting more buzz is beyond me. I guess nobody cares. But, I've always been convinced that under those glasses Bono was hiding a deep dark secret, like an acid burn from a bad night in Vegas, or giant eye slicing wrinkles, or even dare I say botched Botox (which incidentally he seems surgery free) but nothing. Just two pairs of eyes in their sockets where they are supposed to be.

I am totally shocked while being moderately disappointed.

Now if only The Edge would show us whats under that damn hat! (yikes).

Saturday, January 07, 2006


To Drive or Not To Drive...

I drive a Volkswagen Passat. Before I had the Passat I drove a VW Jetta. Before the Jetta I had a beat up retro oldie BMW 325i.

Tonight I sat in the driver's seat of a Dodge Viper (fyi..I had no idea what a Viper was until tonight). At first I was like "No no no, I cant, I wont, I am afraid," but then I was forced to get in the driver's seat by a very handsome Greek. "Death trap" were the only words circling my brain as I grabbed the steering wheel while squinting out the front window. "I cant see out the back window!" I exclaimed. "One drives forward, why would you need to see out the back," said the Greek. "I need to look over my shoulder when I change lanes," I replied with duress.

Last week I was in Boston. I had lunch in Hingham with my dear friend V. She drank 2 glasses of Cabernet, I had none. She asked if I could drive her hybrid (Toyota Prius) home. I said sure. "Did we loose power?" I exclaimed while stopped at a traffic light. "No, it shuts off when you break, saves power," responded V. "How much gas do you use?" I asked. "About $11 every three weeks," said V.

Viper, Hybrid. Hybrid, Viper. Hummmm.

Ponder that while I go out in my VW.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Oscar turns Blue?

Seems like Jon Stewart is the host for this years Oscars.

In a perfect world something like this would actually matter, but in this post Janet Jackson nipplegate climate I doubt Stewart will really be able to change the old school tone of the show. I mean if Chris Rock couldn't do it, can Jon Stewart?

One can only hope.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006



If you remember the first 10 bars if Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi is Dead," if you ever cried yourself blind to a Joy Division song, if you recall the Love and Rockets video for "No New Tale To Tell," or if you ever danced yourself silly at a Depeche Mode show, then get ready....


Check them out here.

Monday, January 02, 2006



For all of the pop culture talk, concert ticket pushing, dvd shilling I do here on XtineFiles sometimes I loose sight of the roots. Like, the real artists that have more talent than most of commercial half-wits I tend to seemingly worship.

So, I'd like to introduce you to my dear friends Jaime and Stephane. Check out their sites and if you would like to buy their art send an email to the address on their site or post a comment here.

Stephane's paintings here

Jaime's Jewelry here

Stephane and Jaime spend half their time in NYC and the rest of the year in France. While their paintings and the Jewelry represent their individual style and talents, the uniqueness and worldly nature of what they create spans an ocean of artistry.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Do Not Try This At Home

In keeping with #9 on my things to do in 2006 list, I've been watching lots of History Channel during my holiday vacation. But it is vacation day 9 and I've had just about enough of Armageddon Week on H, so I switched to the Discovery Channel for a change.

I found myself stuck in a Mythbusters marathon. For those who dont know, Mythbusters is a show featuring a team of special effects and science experts who attempt to debunk myths. (The show's promo features a very worried Big Foot-makes me laugh every time).

Here is what I learned:

*There is no such thing as the "5 Second Rule" food picks up the same amount (a lot) of bacteria when it hits the floor regardless of the amount of time it spends on that floor (and btw, wet food like lunch meat picks up more bacteria than dry food like crackers)

*There is no physical way a Great White shark can take 3 barrels under water and keep those barrels under water like JAWS did.

*There is no way a Great White shark can pull a boat the size of the Orca backwards like JAWS did.

*There is more bacteria on a human tongue than on a dog's tongue (you heard me right)

*Plugging a shot gun with your finger will not cause the shotgun to backfire (regardless of what you've seen in cartoons)

*Vodka mixed with Cinnamon (aka "the vodka mouth wash") that sits in a container for 2 weeks, then filtered through a coffee filter can cure bad breath to the same effect as commercial mouthwash (WTF?)


I'm On a List!!!

thanks MCF

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