Sunday, January 15, 2006


Lazy Sunday

Hello- Andy Samberg on SNL?? Could he be the new (better) Jimmy Fallon? I think so.

Like all shaggy haired, goofy guy guy SNL cast members of the past, there is nothing like young fresh blood to keep SNL alive. And, everytime I'm ready to remove SNL from my Tivo list they do something like- adding a cute shaggy guy. For now SNL shall remain in my Tivo, as I look forward with glee to Samberg Saturdays.

Want some vintage Samberg? go here

For something crunchier, go here.

Still can't get enough? go here

Yeah, I loved the 'Bu. I found it months ago after someone tipped me off to House of Cosbys on Channel 101 and, after watching Jack Black's Computer Man and the sf miniseries Time Belt,I decided to give the 'Bu a try, mostly because it had Sarah Chalke. I thought it was hilarious, especially how they dealt with months when she wasn't available(the muppet had to be the best).

I was surprised after seeing the Chronic(what!) on SNL to find out he was one of the dudes from that show.
He looks like a young Paul Westerberg!! Guess who wrote this entry?!?!?
hummm...could it be...LINDA!
Am I the only one that thinks this?
was this guy in the band moldy peaches when he was in his teens? he looks familiar to me and like the guy in that group.
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