Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Killer Queen

I wanted to title this post Who Wants To Live Forever? But thought that too morbid.

Xtinefiles in off to London in less that a week. Mostly for work, partly to stalk Robbie, and sort of to just live the brit life. The last time I was in London was during the big millennium celebrations of 2000. I'm glad to return six years later and in honor of my glorious return I have loaded the following songs on my ipod for the journey:

Radio Ga Ga
We Are The Champions
Killer Queen
Under Pressure
Who Wants to Live Forever
The Show Must Go On
These Are the Days of Our Lives
God Save the Queen
Somebody to Love
In The Death Cell (Love Song from Flash Gordon)
Flash (Flash Gordon)
I Want to Break Free

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Orange Food

Sad Thanksgiving is over? Here is a recipe for you:

Sweet Potato Latkas

Sweet potatoes
Butternut Squash
Matzo Meal

Grate the potatoes, squash and plantains into a bowl. Add egg and matzo meal. Deep fry in a pan of vegetable oil. Server hot with apple sauce or sour cream.

Follow with 2 tablespoons of pepto.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Mini Cup

I'm going through significant World Cup withdrawal, and apparently I'm not the only one. This weekend DN and I attended the Viking Cup. Its a round robin tournament for soccer fans playing the game in teams representing their country of origin.

One of the attendees filled me in that even though most of the teams there were of Swedish background, they organized themselves to, at least, represent some of Europe. A Swedish team pretended to be Swiss and a mixed team represented what looked like to be Croatian uniforms. There was however one team that stood out. The ITALIANS of course!

After a day of gaming it came to down to two teams, and even though a France v. Italy rematch would have been great deep in heart of Queens, the finalist were the Swedish pretending to be Swiss verses the Italians. Guess who won? The Italians!

The best part of the day though was when I got hit in the leg with a ball gone fowl. I'm a little bruised but the Italian apology made it worth it. Ahhhh, only in Queens. Only in Queens.

Quotes of the day:

Xtine to DN: "I hope one of their balls hit me in the face"
DN faking the voice of her son to a blonde Swede: "Are you my daddy?"
Sweed#22 to Italian #11: "Svsaai Yaaaa Zvaa Edinswen" (or something like that)
Italian #11 to Italian #22: "Paolo! F%@K! Shut It, F&@K, Ass..."

Saturday, November 11, 2006



If Xtinefiles had an award show and "best movie promo" was a category at that awards show Cinemax would win! As all of you by now know the movie channel Cinemax is having (for the first time ever) a Star Wars marathon. Yes, episodes 1-6 back to back all weekend. My tivo is working overtime, not just for the films but for the promo's.

A couple of weeks ago JF, SR and I were strolling through Brooklyn and we noticed signs all over the place reading "Street closed for star wars promo. Cinemax." I knew if several blocks of Brooklyn real estate were to be closed for a promo shoot, the result had to be entertaining, and it was, oh it was.

Try to catch the promo's and the marathon. Here is just a little taste

Movie clips set to Fix You (you will cry!)

Funny Promo

Monday, November 06, 2006


Leo D Wants an Oscar

Would someone give this man an Oscar already? And while you are at it, please give him one too.

I finally saw The Departed. My love for Leo D aside (its a deep love kids), it was amazing. The Departed was Scorsese evoking that Goodfella's spirit we love so much. I remember the year Gangs was nominated. I was standing in MBP's living room in West Hollywood when Marty was robbed by the Academy. I swore right then and there that I would never return to LA, the town the loves to rob Scorsese. Of course I have returned dozens of time. A little heart broken but hopeful that one day that rusty old Clint would be sitting in the audience watching Scorsese claim the award. Same goes for Leo. I dont know if this is the year (Flags of Our Fathers, damn it!!!). But please please let me dream.

Words cant describe the Departed. Just go see it already.

Hot Actor Factor: LEVEL 10 (x 3...sorry boys but Mark, Matt and Leo in the same movie is whole latta man)
# of itches away from the edge of my seat: 1/4 inch
#of times my friend had to poke me to point out that I was making squeaking noises during the film: 17
Bathroom visits: 0
#of in film homage's to Scarface: 1 1/2

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Nov. 5th

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

confused? go here

In need of an update? check this.

Saturday, November 04, 2006



I braved opening night at the movies, something Leo Dicaprio can barely get me to do, but BORAT was calling. So I went and I like! No sense in writing an extensive review, I mean its Borat, you either get him or you dont. Which I might add is my only concern. Will people find him so funny that they fail to get the point? Borat in all of his satire is trying to teach us dumb Americans a thing or two. Will we learn?

Laughter Meter: Level 1, wall to wall
# of hours I spent contemplating the legal budget of the film: 3
# of minutes spent covering my eyes: 5minutes (when you see the movie, you'll know the scene)
# of bathroom breaks: 0
Hot Actor Factor: 7.4, ok I'll admit it. I have a crush on Borat.

And thanks to Borat, as of today, the following terms are now being used (liberally) in all of world...

Khram = genitals
Chenquieh= Thank you
Hand relief = masturbation
Jagshemash= how are you
Liquid explosion/ sexy time explosion/ romantic explosion = ejaculation
Sexy time (sexy intercourse) = sex
Testes satchel= scrotum
Mouth party (sex in mouth) = oral sex
Making a dirt= to defecate
Making brown = to defecate
Making romance inside= to have sexual intercourse

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