Saturday, November 04, 2006



I braved opening night at the movies, something Leo Dicaprio can barely get me to do, but BORAT was calling. So I went and I like! No sense in writing an extensive review, I mean its Borat, you either get him or you dont. Which I might add is my only concern. Will people find him so funny that they fail to get the point? Borat in all of his satire is trying to teach us dumb Americans a thing or two. Will we learn?

Laughter Meter: Level 1, wall to wall
# of hours I spent contemplating the legal budget of the film: 3
# of minutes spent covering my eyes: 5minutes (when you see the movie, you'll know the scene)
# of bathroom breaks: 0
Hot Actor Factor: 7.4, ok I'll admit it. I have a crush on Borat.

And thanks to Borat, as of today, the following terms are now being used (liberally) in all of world...

Khram = genitals
Chenquieh= Thank you
Hand relief = masturbation
Jagshemash= how are you
Liquid explosion/ sexy time explosion/ romantic explosion = ejaculation
Sexy time (sexy intercourse) = sex
Testes satchel= scrotum
Mouth party (sex in mouth) = oral sex
Making a dirt= to defecate
Making brown = to defecate
Making romance inside= to have sexual intercourse

HA! Meee tooo - and I had to go to *gasp* ALBANY to see it.

I like it very much. Does it like me?

But I put my edit hat on & one scene stuck out like a sore schrum. Two words: Antique Store. *BUZZZ* Pointless. Not that funny. Snip snip.

#1 this weekend though! Double the best predictions. Per screen 35K as compared to the #2's 5K per screen. I think the country has had a romantic explosion for Mr. Baron Cohen.
Girl O...totally agree. BUZZZ.
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Long time Cohen fan and I was not disappointed. Funniest movie of the year and I converted two newbies to Cohen's I can hardly wait for Bruno!
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