Sunday, March 25, 2007


Ed vs. Spencer and What Not

I've been home...sick all weekend. As a result I've gotten myself caught up in several cable tv marathons interspersed with an occasional flick. Here is how Xtine spent her weekend.

Ed vs Spencer.
I pray you have BBC America! Ed v. Spencer is a non-fiction series (I prefer to not use the word "reality") where Ed and Spencer are the best of friends (with a competitive edge). Each week they challenge each other to a ridiculous competition. From "who can get the sickes" to who can "earn the most money in a day." The show is utterly entertaining, fun, and lets face it both Ed and Spencer are very easy on the eyes. I think I like Spencer better.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels.
When this series first hit A&E I shrugged it off as an Osbourne's copy. And sure enough it is an Osbournes copy. But I watched every episode and needless to say I am hooked. One day I'll do a side by side caparison of both shows; both wives are named Sharon, there is a son and a daughter. Yadda yadda. But for now what I find most interesting is this show is funnier than the Osbournes. Where the only funny thing was trying to understand Ozzy. Gene on the other hand is totally articulate. Must be the tongue (ewwww). Tonight is the premiere of Season 2. Cant wait.

How Clean Is Your House?

I love this show. I have always caught bits and pieces but this weekend I was caught in a marathon. Perhaps its the quick wit of those lovely English ladies sniffing all the people's dirties or perhaps its just that this show makes me feel better about my own clutter.

Underworld: Evolution
I dont like Kate Beckinsale. Perhaps it was the moment in Pearl Harbor after the place got leveled. She lovingly looks at Ben Affleck and says, "You left and then all this happened," as she points to the burning wreckage. All this? Meaning? Pearl Harbor?? Either way, her role in Underworld ROCKS making me rethink my dislike of her. Underworld 2 was not nearly as good as Underworld 1 but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

Jerry Maguire.
Every time this movie is on I have to watch it. I guess deep down inside it is remains one of my guilty pleasure films. Perhaps it reminds me of a time when Tom Cruise seemed normal and likable. Oh well.

The end.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The Joshua Tree Turns 20

and I am officially ancient...

read this post and watch the clips please.

I cant discuss the meaning of this for me right now, its too emotional. Perhaps, some feelings are best left unspoken.

Saturday, March 17, 2007



300 is my porn equivalent. Stunning visuals, a loud layered score, men dressed in leather speedos, steel boots and red capes throwing spears and shields. Really. What could be better? And even though I tried dating Greek once before and it ended horribly, I've been inspired to try again (note to self...even though the cast was mostly not Greek, its the idea that counts). But that is a story for another day.

Its no wonder 300 was borne of a Graphic Novel. All the good movies these days seem to be in one way or another. And even though one can compare the violence in this film to that of Sin City you can't compare apples to oranges even if they are grown in the same state. Or something like that.

It was especially interesting seeing this film in my very Greek neighborhood. "That's not very historically accurate" said one woman only after pointing out to her date that she has a bit of Spartan blood in her.

Histrionics aside. This film kicked ass. And the oozing bliss of this film aside it's simple message happens to be a very good one (except for the baby throwing of course).

Hot Actor Factor: 100 on a scale of 100 (I love you Gerard Butler, always have)
Quotability Factor: 100 (my boss actually said in a meeting this week when referring to a rival company, "If they go after me, that would be very stupid of them, it would be WAR!")
Cry Meter: 0
# Of Motivational Spartan pre-battle speeches: 46
# Of Times I wished King Gerard Butler would say "THIS IS SPARTA" again: 8
# Of Times I pondered Gerard Butler's abs: 117
Running time of the film: 117 minutes

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