Monday, October 31, 2005


Get More Robbie

Take a look at this. It just may be more Robbie Williams than you can handle...but do try.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


The War Room

Last night I went back in time to the 1992 presidential election where Bill Clinton beat the stuffing out of George Bush. The excitement of the campaign was caught on film in a documentary called The War Room. I am sure most of you have seen it but if you haven't or if its been a long time, I suggest you watch it. Seeing the politics unfold through the eyes of what we know today is just riveting. James Carville is a genius, Bill Clinton was magic, and this film should be manditory viewing for every American.

# of James Carville pearls of wisdom I have committed to memory: 81
Word I exclaimed when I remembered that shoulder pads were still acceptable fashion in 1992: AGGGGGH
Emotion I felt for poor Chelsea living her puberty in public: Awe
Difference between George Bush,Sr. and George Bush, Jr.: none

And if that doesn't get you going, here are some James Carville pearls of wisdom from the film:

"If I think of an old calendar, I see George Bush's face on it. He just reeks of yesterday."

"Dont complicate the simple"

"The Country has gone el-busto, fix it. If you cant, get out the way."

"Its the economy stupid"

*See the trailer here*

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Hung Up

Watch Madonna's Hung Up video only on popmuse

...discussion to follow as soon as I muster the courage.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


What If...

watch this

Monday, October 24, 2005



I'm not a person who loves the fan fare of Halloween. I'd much rather read a scary ghost story, stage a levitation, or attend a living room screening of the Hunger than go to a dress up party. But every once in a while choice is not an option and obligation takes over.

This week I need to attend a "I Cant Believe I Wore That" party. I know what you are thinking- "blow it off!" but it is work event. I have to attend and I have no idea what to wear. Ugh.

Some people I work with are toying with the idea of florescent tights, side pony tails and ripped sweatshirts, old prom dresses and concert T-shirts but none of that seems very creative.

So I am asking all of you. I need ideas and I need them fast! The party is Wednesday night. Thoughts? Brainstorms? Help. Please.

Or, maybe I should just dress up like Catherine Deneuve circa 1983. That would be nice.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Now, Playing the Angel

Have you gotten the new Depeche Mode album Playing the Angel yet?

Well, what the hell are you waiting for?

I've listened to the whole album several times. It is like a cross between the soulful introspection of Songs of Faith and Devotion mixed with the optimistic toil of Violator (yup- I made that up). Its good, damn good.

Get it already so we can discuss.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Cupcake Wisdom...

Yesterday my sister came over and brought the most gorgeous cupcakes I have ever seen which prompted me to make note of a trend... Cupcakes are back. Finally, that tasty goodness of our youth is back with a fresh new enjoyable sophistication. Yummm.

To celebrate the return of the cupcake, here are some cup cake quotes:

"America is an enormous frosted cupcake in the middle of millions of starving
people." -Gloria Steinem

Judge: "Don't spit on my cupcake and tell me it's
frosting!" Homer: "What did she say about cupcakes?"

"Well, that's real swell, but it still doesn't get the cream in the cupcake." Samantha Sex and the City

"Now I know what you're thinking. 'What could be stranger than a big fatass floatin' cupcake?' Heh. How about one that spits tobacco?" - Cupcake Cabin Boy

"Good morning, Mr. M. Looks like you could use a CUPCAKE" - Tracy Flick Election

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Truth or Dare, part deux

Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to the world premiere screening of Madonna's new film I'm Going To Tell You A Secret. And believe it or not Madonna herself came out to introduce the film to the audience. "I wanted to premiere this film in NYC" she said to the crowd of well groomed New Yorkers, "Now, shut your f*cking cell phones off, stay in your seats, except during the dance numbers." Shockingly, when Madonna spoke, we all bowed to her and showed our obedience.

The film, a sort of Truth or Dare part 2 look at her life on the road during her Reinvention Tour last summer, was 50% entertaining brilliance and 50% life/Kabbalah lesson. The live performance footage was cut with editing precision and the behind the scenes glances into her family life were both riveting and endearing. Overall the film was extremely enjoyable. At times I found myself staring at the screen kind of awestruck. Even though there were moments that Madonna's monologues about life, religion the world became tiresome, painstakingly esoteric and boring I have to at least give her credit for trying. Preaching for a better world is never a bad a thing.

The film ended with some sort of PSA on Kabbalah, I think. I cant really be sure, because by the time the film ended I felt like my brain had been assaulted. Seeing Madonna live in the flesh and then watching her for 2 1/2 hours on the big screen can and will mess you up in the head. After all a film that has quotes like, "I have a nervous stomach, I cant stop shitting" to "the light is fearlessness" does require a lot of its audience.

You can see the Madonna movie for yourself, this Friday night on MTV. Check it out, I think it might be worth your time.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I'm Going To Tell You a Secret.

World Exclusive Review.

All will be revealed...Posting tomorrow night 1am/et right here in the XtineFiles.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Alexander, Ugh

Last night, in a moment of cinematic weakness and against my better judgment I tied to watch Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great bio pic-ish, Alexander. I'll admit the DVD has been sitting on my shelf for months and perhaps it was some bad eggplant or too much wine but I came home from dinner and popped it in.

Overall the film was problematic, the actors looked silly in their wigs and costumes, the dialogue seemed forced, the Leto and Farrell chemistry made their relationship not believable, even the battle sequences were over choreographed to the point of messy...and it was 2 hours too long. On top of that...

#of Times I pondered how the hell Angelina Jolie played a 30yr old woman whose son is 20?: 19
# of Times I thought Oliver Stone was playing a joke on us: 5
# of Times I said to myself, "what the f*ck am I watching and why?": 11
# of Times I had to bribe myself to continue watching: 126
Amount of money I now owe myself: $126,000,000
Drug Induced filmmaking rating: Level 3

The only good thing about this film was Colin Farrell who showed us that he was smart enough to be drunk during the entire making of this movie. So instead, I look forward to the Baz/DiCaprio/Kidman/Gibson version- if it ever happens.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc

Suddenly I am passionate about VH1 Classics. I know I should be pimping my own place of work, but gotta say I am having a full on VH1 Classic moment.

It all started when popmuse told me to catch the Siouxsie and the Banshees retro concert broadcast and I did. And then after the concert the video play list went like this:

#1: "Enjoy The Silence" - Depeche Mode
#2: "Precious"- Depeche Mode (and ya'll know how I'm like this is the Enjoy the Silence for 2005)
#3: "Where the Streets Have No Name"- U2

Sure, now the hairlines are a bit farther back and the faces show more time but hey, most of us can identify.

And speaking of time running out...wanna hear the new Madonna song? Listen to it here on Popmuse.

Also, wanna see the new Depeche Mode video? go here

Thursday, October 13, 2005


The New King of Pop?

Robbie Williams debuted his new album Intensive Care last night in a 90 minute concert in Berlin. Broken arm and all (awe) Robbie wowed the crowd (of course).

And, further proving that Europeans do it better (or at least do it first), the concert was simulcast across Europe via cell phones, cinema screens, and webcasts. (10,000 people watched on 27 High Definition cinema screens in 11 different countries, 100,000 people watched on their mobile phones, and 7500 people watched live in Berlin). Ha, and you're like Robbie who?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


"As a rock star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world. I have a chance to do both"

Monday night I saw U2 at Madison Square Garden. While I am certain that words cant do justice to what I experienced with my own eyes I have been asked to here goes.

I felt like I was at a world summit, a movement, a gathering of progressive minds, in brief it was more that just a rock show. I don't know how many of you have seen U2 in concert, but I assure you nobody is better live than U2. I repeat, nobody is better live. And, when you can walk a way from a show feeling totally entertained and also feeling like you learned something, well, that is worth more than just the ticket price.

"Jesus, Jew, Mohammed, its true. Learn to Coexist," was what Bono begged the audience after a chilling anti war set that included Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet the Blue Sky and a moment of Please. He sang Ms. Sarajevo, a song that was performed in 1995 for another world cause and somehow it rang so true last night in the garden.

I cried during Where the Streets Have No Name because the sound of this song live makes me think of happiness. And I wept during One as Bono talked of the massive poverty that inflicts a huge part of the world population, including the poverty in our own America.

I clapped when they sang Beautiful Day because it reminded me of when I last saw U2 in Madison Square Garden just months after 9/11. Bono got it then, just as he gets it now. I clapped even harder when Bono thanked Alicia Keys, Michael Stipe, and Jan Wenner for their work in the Make Poverty History campaign. And I let out a screeching yelp when they encored with Zoo Station. A song I have not heard live since the Zoo TV show I saw in Toronto.

The stage was innovative as it was artistic. They used the lighting and staging to compliment the energy of their music. They used screens resembling curtains that did more that just paint the arena with light; they showered us with messages we needed to read and national flags we need to see.

They ended as they always do with With or Without You, sending us home with full minds, open hearts and a revitalized perspective on the world.

That you U2 for caring about the world more than you have to.


U2 at Madison Square Garden

Words cannot describe.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Fever Pitch

First, let me just say that when Fever Pitch first came to theaters I was sort of put off by it. I am a huge Nick Hornby fan and every time they make a movie out of one his books (with the exception of About a Boy) they change something key like, the country, the sports team, or the city.

Fever Pitch was supposed to be about a soccer (football) fan in the UK (go Arsensal). But I guess Hollywood thought either Jimmy Fallon couldn't do an English accent or Americans dont care much about English football so instead Fallon plays a Boston Red Sox fan whose obsession gets in the way of his life. And in the end, I'm glad they made the change!

This movie was charming in every way. It was exactly want you need from a romantic comedy. I liked it so much that I think Drew and Jimmy should carry out their roles into real life and be an off screen couple as well!

Cry Meter: 2 times (seeing Jimmy Fallon cry is tough)
Wardrobe Jealousy: 2 times (Drew's blue scarf and pink hat)
Number of times I exclaimed "Awe this movie is great": 5
Number of times I exclaimed "I cant believe that is Ione Skye!": 8
Number of times I wish I had a math teacher like Jimmy Fallon when I was in school: 6
Number of times I wish I went to a baseball game this past summer: 0
Number of times I'd be willing to see this movie again: a lot

Friday, October 07, 2005


Further Confirmation that the End is Near

Madonna is said to be courting Oprah, trying to bring the media goddess into Kabbalah worship along with her millions of mainstream American fans.

Madonna will be appearing on Oprah soon. She will be inviting Oprah's camera's into her English country home and will also be performing two acoustic (God save us) numbers from her upcoming CD, "Confessions on a Dancefloor."

While there is no real confirmation if Oprah leans Kabbalah, Scientology or neither, you can be certain that Madonna will be bringing Kabbalah gifts for the audience.

Ahh, I hear it now, "You get a red string, you get a red string, you get a red string, everyone gets a red string".

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Its the End of the World As We Know It

Given today's Hollywood rumor that Katie Holmes is pregnant with Tom Cruise's baby I think we should all pause for a moment of silence and reflect on the high probability that the world is going to end soon.

Cries of horror and dispare are coming from celeb gossip hounds. I am also hearing that a group of astrologers are currently diagnosing this calamity. And, word has it that a Tarot Card reader from Vermont says, "It's a sign from God." So, thank whoever it is you worship for all the good things in your life and then kiss your ass good-bye.


But lets say the world doesn't end. Instead, what if there was an alternative outcome to the horror of TomKat with child?

Could it just be the great cosmic revenge where by inflicting that poor Katie with the worst case of post partem Tom Cruise has ever seen? Now that's an irony worth living for.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I've Got A Fever and the Prescription Is...

I am crazy tired from all this biking so in light of a full on post I leave you with a little gem I got from Jamwall.

I've watched this many many times recently. After a tough day at work, after being frustrated about sitting in an hour long traffic jam on the Long Island Expressway, after coming home and getting pissed off at how my mail man shoves the letters in my mailbox crushing everything in its wake--no matter what, "More Cowbell" is always there for me, just a like a best friend.

Watch here

Buy the T-Shirt here

Enjoy. And thank you Jamwall for reminding of this very very funny moment in time.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Helmet Couture

I bought a bicycle this weekend and have spent much of the past 48 hours riding through the grand expanse of the vast open roadways of Queens NY.

Here is what I learned:

1. All Queens and Brooklyn parks connect to each other. I have found 2 connections this weekend, perhaps I will find more next weekend

2. Passing senior citizens while waving and shouting the word "Ciao" will make their day

3. Screaming, "Passing on the left, on the left, left, left, left" to pedestrians walking on the bike path only works when the pedestrians you want to pass understand English.

4. Convincing yourself you are being chased by a Soprano will in fact make you pedal faster, thus adding to your caloric burn

5. Padded bicycle shorts are a waste of money, but the helmet on the other hand is very chic.

6. Down Hill on the way to, means Up Hill on the way from. Never forget that.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Desperate For the Answer

I have been inspired by a comment Nilblogette made in the comments section of my blog. Nilblogette asks the simple question, "Who is chained up in Alfre Woodard's basement on Desperate Housewives?"

Well, I have no freaking idea. BUT I think we can all have a little fun trying to guess. Perhaps they will reveal the answer on this weeks episode, but most likely they wont. So for as long as it is a mystery, be it 24 hours or 24 weeks, lets have a little fun.

Here are some of my suggestions on "Who is chained up in Alfre Woodard's basement." Reply to the comments section with your pick and feel free to make your own twisted suggestions.

The person that guesses correct wins nothing other than that satisfaction of knowing they are a little bit of a nutter.

my suggestions...

Chained up in Alfre Woodard's basement on Desperate Housewives is...

a) Ralph Macchio (I mean where else could he be?)
b) Zach
c) Her husband, another son, her step son/daughter, her mother/father, her sons fiance
d) Olivia Newton John's boyfriend (see a)
e) We will never know
f) Carlos Leon (see a)
g) your guess...

p.s. Happy 25th Birthday LL. Your sister loves you.

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