Saturday, October 01, 2005


Desperate For the Answer

I have been inspired by a comment Nilblogette made in the comments section of my blog. Nilblogette asks the simple question, "Who is chained up in Alfre Woodard's basement on Desperate Housewives?"

Well, I have no freaking idea. BUT I think we can all have a little fun trying to guess. Perhaps they will reveal the answer on this weeks episode, but most likely they wont. So for as long as it is a mystery, be it 24 hours or 24 weeks, lets have a little fun.

Here are some of my suggestions on "Who is chained up in Alfre Woodard's basement." Reply to the comments section with your pick and feel free to make your own twisted suggestions.

The person that guesses correct wins nothing other than that satisfaction of knowing they are a little bit of a nutter.

my suggestions...

Chained up in Alfre Woodard's basement on Desperate Housewives is...

a) Ralph Macchio (I mean where else could he be?)
b) Zach
c) Her husband, another son, her step son/daughter, her mother/father, her sons fiance
d) Olivia Newton John's boyfriend (see a)
e) We will never know
f) Carlos Leon (see a)
g) your guess...

p.s. Happy 25th Birthday LL. Your sister loves you.

perhaps kato kaelin? he's a "houseboy" of sorts....
I think Zach, or some family member, but I hope it is David Hasselhoff, Natasha Lyonne, or one of the desperate housewives' evil twins - you know they all have one. I think we can discount Ralph Macchio only because he already made a guest appearance on Entourage this year.
Gotta be Ralph. You're right. Where the hell is that guy?
thanks for the blog birthday shout out!

chained up in the basement - Sloth from Goonies.
i think it's her good twin and she's the evil one. her son really isn't her son, but her lover.
It could not have been Ralph, since we all know he is chained in the basement of the Playboy mansion (see old Entourage)
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