Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Truth or Dare, part deux

Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to the world premiere screening of Madonna's new film I'm Going To Tell You A Secret. And believe it or not Madonna herself came out to introduce the film to the audience. "I wanted to premiere this film in NYC" she said to the crowd of well groomed New Yorkers, "Now, shut your f*cking cell phones off, stay in your seats, except during the dance numbers." Shockingly, when Madonna spoke, we all bowed to her and showed our obedience.

The film, a sort of Truth or Dare part 2 look at her life on the road during her Reinvention Tour last summer, was 50% entertaining brilliance and 50% life/Kabbalah lesson. The live performance footage was cut with editing precision and the behind the scenes glances into her family life were both riveting and endearing. Overall the film was extremely enjoyable. At times I found myself staring at the screen kind of awestruck. Even though there were moments that Madonna's monologues about life, religion the world became tiresome, painstakingly esoteric and boring I have to at least give her credit for trying. Preaching for a better world is never a bad a thing.

The film ended with some sort of PSA on Kabbalah, I think. I cant really be sure, because by the time the film ended I felt like my brain had been assaulted. Seeing Madonna live in the flesh and then watching her for 2 1/2 hours on the big screen can and will mess you up in the head. After all a film that has quotes like, "I have a nervous stomach, I cant stop shitting" to "the light is fearlessness" does require a lot of its audience.

You can see the Madonna movie for yourself, this Friday night on MTV. Check it out, I think it might be worth your time.

I LOVE Madonna!! gurl that is too cool!!! I'mma check it out!!!
any film with madonna as documentary subject saves us from having to watch madonna as actress. that is a good thing!
What an opportunity! Something to tell the grandkids about.
Finally! I have been dying to know what her family life is like - I have all sorts of sordid theories. This is a truly exciting event. Programming Tivo... now.
Soooooo jealous!!! You have the most amazing opportunities it seems - luckiest. ever.
did she hire her husband guy ritchie, the alleged filmmaker, to do the piece?
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