Monday, October 24, 2005



I'm not a person who loves the fan fare of Halloween. I'd much rather read a scary ghost story, stage a levitation, or attend a living room screening of the Hunger than go to a dress up party. But every once in a while choice is not an option and obligation takes over.

This week I need to attend a "I Cant Believe I Wore That" party. I know what you are thinking- "blow it off!" but it is work event. I have to attend and I have no idea what to wear. Ugh.

Some people I work with are toying with the idea of florescent tights, side pony tails and ripped sweatshirts, old prom dresses and concert T-shirts but none of that seems very creative.

So I am asking all of you. I need ideas and I need them fast! The party is Wednesday night. Thoughts? Brainstorms? Help. Please.

Or, maybe I should just dress up like Catherine Deneuve circa 1983. That would be nice.

Or, in a pinch, you could go with anything Courtney Love ever wore.

The Catherine Deneuve idea seems good. I have no idea who she is, (even after following the links).

Basically, I have no ideas. Sorry.
Bjork Swan Dress.
It isn't too original, because I saw it on THE OFFICE last week, but one of the characters pinned three black circles down one side of his shirt and went as a three-hole punched version of himself. I thought that was pretty hilarious. I am all about minimal costuming.
Oooh, or Catherine Deneuve circa 1963 in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Love that movie. You could wear all bright technicolors and then instead of talking, you get to sing all night!
OK, that doesn't really go with the party theme, but she was SO hot in that.
kay, nil-thank you for your help, michael- i should be so lucky...Popmuse, you owe me 2 1/2 hours of time.

I searched the mall for a duck, a goose, a swan, poulty of any kind, I even had a sales person try to push a sheep on me. I finally got home, with a duck that i thought could pass for a swan- sew it on a crisp new gap white shirt. But when I tried it on I looked like a Kentucky Fried Chicken spokesperson.

Bagging on this party seems more and more worth my while.
Wear a 45-speed vinyl record around your ponytail (do you have long hair?) instead of a Scrunchee. Make it "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."
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