Thursday, October 13, 2005


The New King of Pop?

Robbie Williams debuted his new album Intensive Care last night in a 90 minute concert in Berlin. Broken arm and all (awe) Robbie wowed the crowd (of course).

And, further proving that Europeans do it better (or at least do it first), the concert was simulcast across Europe via cell phones, cinema screens, and webcasts. (10,000 people watched on 27 High Definition cinema screens in 11 different countries, 100,000 people watched on their mobile phones, and 7500 people watched live in Berlin). Ha, and you're like Robbie who?

I'm not like dat. I'm like "Robbie, please!"
i'm not sure about the europeans, (and i'm by no means a nationalist) but they apparently love this guy: Gunther the Swedish Pleasureman
I can never decide if Robbie's cute or not. (These are the things that keep me up nights.)
I saw Robbie in concert in New Zealand a few years ago. It was me, my friend and thousands of screeching 13-year olds. Loved it anyway though. and byf, he is definitely hot.
Hmmm, I'm in the "Robbie who?" group. Please don't beat me now...

I'm going to go Google him and catch up.
man and I can't believe I moved to Boston..I used to live in an Everybody knows and loves Robbie I am stuck in an Robbie who? society???arrg...I think I should just go back to Germany
byf...come on!
My ex looked just like Robbie, only with lighter hair. He used to be offended when I told him that though. Go figure.
Sorry ... He changes! One day he's cute, the next day haggard. (Nice body, though.)
the most interesting thing about rw is he's writing songs w/ one of the most underated songwriters of past 20 years--stephen duffy aka the lilac time. now that's a guy who deserves rabid adoration!
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