Monday, October 10, 2005


Fever Pitch

First, let me just say that when Fever Pitch first came to theaters I was sort of put off by it. I am a huge Nick Hornby fan and every time they make a movie out of one his books (with the exception of About a Boy) they change something key like, the country, the sports team, or the city.

Fever Pitch was supposed to be about a soccer (football) fan in the UK (go Arsensal). But I guess Hollywood thought either Jimmy Fallon couldn't do an English accent or Americans dont care much about English football so instead Fallon plays a Boston Red Sox fan whose obsession gets in the way of his life. And in the end, I'm glad they made the change!

This movie was charming in every way. It was exactly want you need from a romantic comedy. I liked it so much that I think Drew and Jimmy should carry out their roles into real life and be an off screen couple as well!

Cry Meter: 2 times (seeing Jimmy Fallon cry is tough)
Wardrobe Jealousy: 2 times (Drew's blue scarf and pink hat)
Number of times I exclaimed "Awe this movie is great": 5
Number of times I exclaimed "I cant believe that is Ione Skye!": 8
Number of times I wish I had a math teacher like Jimmy Fallon when I was in school: 6
Number of times I wish I went to a baseball game this past summer: 0
Number of times I'd be willing to see this movie again: a lot

Hornby has been fairly lucky in his movie adaptations. While I haven't seen "Fever Pitch," I thought "About a Boy" and "High Fidelity" were entertaining films. I keep wondering about an adaptation of "How to be Good."
I gotta say that your movie reviews are my FAVORITE posts. Especially the "# of times" deal. I haven't seen this, but I'll check it out.
I loved "High Fidelity", both movie and book, but wasn't really keen on the movie iteration of "About A Boy".
I can't cope with people liking this movie. I've not seen it yet but it's got to be bad. It's got to be. It's about baseball. It stars Jimmy Fallon. It's directed by the Farrelly brothers, whose prior two films are Shallow Hal and Stuck on You. It's penned by the authors of "Where the Heart Is" and "EdTV". How can a recipe be good when the ingredients are mushrooms, snails, gizzards, and pigtoes?
its good in that romantic comedy kind of way...promise.
did you know that they also released a movie called Fever pitch in Europe and that one was probably the one after the book..a soccer player in the UK??
dana, I saw that in the listings on imdb. I'll have to check it out. thanks!
i have never seen this movie. it looked cute. since you highly recommend it, i'll have to check it out.
As much as I trust the Drew-romantic-comedy genre, this one makes me queasy. First, baseball. Second, Jimmy Fallon, who I do not love. AND, third, those Farrellys have been up to no damn good lately. I will give it a shot on HBO, though, since you are the second trustworthy person to say it is good.
yeah, other fever pitch was more like the book--soccer was subject, it was darker than the american version (surprise surprise) and had colin firth as the male lead. as much as i loathe jimmy fallon i actually kind of liked this. that might be due to drew as she's great in this kind of genre picture.

but, i'm a sucker for the romantic comedies!
I haven't read his books.

I actually liked About a Boy, and I'm no fan of Grant at all.

I also detest Cusack, and I loved High Fidelity - due to Black and the dialogue/screenplay!

Is Fellon tolerable? :)
Ok, so can we discuss the insane NY fans who refused to see this movie because it was about the Red Sox-- who happened to win the world series during filming? I'm going with-- what the f*** people, it's a freakin' movie (and a decent one at that).
P.S.- The Yankee fan in question ended up being "forced" to see it by his girlfriend. That reminds me of one of the greatest closing lines of all time from the apex of the cinematic tour de force, "Half Baked", "I love marijuana....but not as much as I love p***y!"
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