Saturday, October 29, 2005


The War Room

Last night I went back in time to the 1992 presidential election where Bill Clinton beat the stuffing out of George Bush. The excitement of the campaign was caught on film in a documentary called The War Room. I am sure most of you have seen it but if you haven't or if its been a long time, I suggest you watch it. Seeing the politics unfold through the eyes of what we know today is just riveting. James Carville is a genius, Bill Clinton was magic, and this film should be manditory viewing for every American.

# of James Carville pearls of wisdom I have committed to memory: 81
Word I exclaimed when I remembered that shoulder pads were still acceptable fashion in 1992: AGGGGGH
Emotion I felt for poor Chelsea living her puberty in public: Awe
Difference between George Bush,Sr. and George Bush, Jr.: none

And if that doesn't get you going, here are some James Carville pearls of wisdom from the film:

"If I think of an old calendar, I see George Bush's face on it. He just reeks of yesterday."

"Dont complicate the simple"

"The Country has gone el-busto, fix it. If you cant, get out the way."

"Its the economy stupid"

*See the trailer here*

Oh the good old days. James Carville is one of those few brilliant people that are also hilarious. I’ll have to check out the documentary.
I agree with you. I saw it again recently and it was like a whole different film, to have a historical perspective.
I've never even heard of this... But that could be because my parents are totally anti-clinton, and I was only in second grade in '92.
I definately want to check it out now.
Has Pennebaker ever made a bad documentary?
I haven't seen it but plan to now. I think it will make me nostalgic and misty-eyed for the good old days though.
my god that was a great campaign! no campaigns have lived up to that standard since.
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