Sunday, October 02, 2005


Helmet Couture

I bought a bicycle this weekend and have spent much of the past 48 hours riding through the grand expanse of the vast open roadways of Queens NY.

Here is what I learned:

1. All Queens and Brooklyn parks connect to each other. I have found 2 connections this weekend, perhaps I will find more next weekend

2. Passing senior citizens while waving and shouting the word "Ciao" will make their day

3. Screaming, "Passing on the left, on the left, left, left, left" to pedestrians walking on the bike path only works when the pedestrians you want to pass understand English.

4. Convincing yourself you are being chased by a Soprano will in fact make you pedal faster, thus adding to your caloric burn

5. Padded bicycle shorts are a waste of money, but the helmet on the other hand is very chic.

6. Down Hill on the way to, means Up Hill on the way from. Never forget that.

omg #3 has me rollen on the floor!!! your not right!!! (laugh) omg! hahah
What does this helmet look like? And yeah, ditch the padded shorts, they make you look like you have big hemmorhoids, and don't really protect your butt. Funny shiv today.
kay, my ass really hurts which is proof that I waisted $40 on those damn shorts. I'll post pictures of my helmet soon, I need to decorate it some more.
Padded shorts can only do so much. From a guy's POV, trust me, they are great! But, no matter how much padding you sit on, when you first start riding your arse is gonna hurt. The pain will subside with time. If it doesn't, you may want to consider getting a new saddle.

Post pics of the bike, too!
As a jogger, I make it my mission to put my foot out and trip bicyclists... only usually I just end up with tire treads across my clown shoes.

Draw your own conclusions.

btw - as a boy, I used to ride my step-mom's bike [specially designed woman's seat]. It's amazing I'm able to walk at all, anymore.
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