Monday, October 03, 2005


I've Got A Fever and the Prescription Is...

I am crazy tired from all this biking so in light of a full on post I leave you with a little gem I got from Jamwall.

I've watched this many many times recently. After a tough day at work, after being frustrated about sitting in an hour long traffic jam on the Long Island Expressway, after coming home and getting pissed off at how my mail man shoves the letters in my mailbox crushing everything in its wake--no matter what, "More Cowbell" is always there for me, just a like a best friend.

Watch here

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Enjoy. And thank you Jamwall for reminding of this very very funny moment in time.

It's a beaut. That skit is on the Best of Will Ferrel I believe, not sure if it's volume 1 or 2 though. I love it.
always at your service xtine.

I'm still finding it hard to deal with the fact that so many people that I know and respect dislike Anchorman. Granted, I only know and respect about a total of 5 people ...
i love this episode of SNL!!!
I've got a fever... more cowbell! Classic. I love it!
although snl is in the deepest parts of the toilet for me the past few years--this skit is one of my all time favorites thanks to walken/ferrel.

too bad that nitwit fallon is in the scene pretending to laugh like he did in 75% of the skits he was in.
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