Friday, October 14, 2005


Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc

Suddenly I am passionate about VH1 Classics. I know I should be pimping my own place of work, but gotta say I am having a full on VH1 Classic moment.

It all started when popmuse told me to catch the Siouxsie and the Banshees retro concert broadcast and I did. And then after the concert the video play list went like this:

#1: "Enjoy The Silence" - Depeche Mode
#2: "Precious"- Depeche Mode (and ya'll know how I'm like this is the Enjoy the Silence for 2005)
#3: "Where the Streets Have No Name"- U2

Sure, now the hairlines are a bit farther back and the faces show more time but hey, most of us can identify.

And speaking of time running out...wanna hear the new Madonna song? Listen to it here on Popmuse.

Also, wanna see the new Depeche Mode video? go here

I really like the new Depeche Mode video.
i love that pic of gahan, he looked great in a crown.
"precious" is a great video i think and kind of an old sounding song by DM that has had me very eager to hear the new record. i think it's the best song they've done in a while actually.

bought the new album yesterday on first day it was released like i have for every new album since '85 and after listening to it twice am pretty pleased. wished martin wouldn't have sung though as his vocals just sound off or forced on this. but, the songs seem to be better than the awful exciter and that's saying something. favorites after 2 listens: john the revelator and nothing's impossible and the aforementioned precious.
Interestingly, I've been less enamoured with EtS over the years. WiME, Halo, and SoFaD have grown in stature, while EtS seems a bit too straightforward and simplistic for me. Similar to Precious in a way...

On the other hand, EtS video was astounding.

And the Precious video is probably the best video they've ever done (except for BoaG ;)
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