Sunday, October 16, 2005


Alexander, Ugh

Last night, in a moment of cinematic weakness and against my better judgment I tied to watch Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great bio pic-ish, Alexander. I'll admit the DVD has been sitting on my shelf for months and perhaps it was some bad eggplant or too much wine but I came home from dinner and popped it in.

Overall the film was problematic, the actors looked silly in their wigs and costumes, the dialogue seemed forced, the Leto and Farrell chemistry made their relationship not believable, even the battle sequences were over choreographed to the point of messy...and it was 2 hours too long. On top of that...

#of Times I pondered how the hell Angelina Jolie played a 30yr old woman whose son is 20?: 19
# of Times I thought Oliver Stone was playing a joke on us: 5
# of Times I said to myself, "what the f*ck am I watching and why?": 11
# of Times I had to bribe myself to continue watching: 126
Amount of money I now owe myself: $126,000,000
Drug Induced filmmaking rating: Level 3

The only good thing about this film was Colin Farrell who showed us that he was smart enough to be drunk during the entire making of this movie. So instead, I look forward to the Baz/DiCaprio/Kidman/Gibson version- if it ever happens.

I won't go rent this one. I heard it wasn't very good.
I saw it free at a press screening. I still feel suckered. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts..
i'm waiting for the violent handsock version of the same movie...
Alexander has the distinction of being a movie my friend walked out of with 2 hours left to go. He couldn't justify giving it any more of his time, and he has no taste.

Needless to say I didn't rush out to see it, and I won't be renting it.
Well I won't be watching Alexander than!

I think I'll write more on the elections--what I know anyway--they wanted no soldiers anywhere near the ballot boxes, so we played a lot of Spades today!
CS-yes write more about the elections. I am sure your perspective is much different than what we see on CNN.
I dont think i could have done that, watched it, not my kind of movie they usually put me to sleep lol
You have just sped up my rental of this by months, possibly years. It sounds FANTASTIC, if properly sloshed.
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