Saturday, November 11, 2006



If Xtinefiles had an award show and "best movie promo" was a category at that awards show Cinemax would win! As all of you by now know the movie channel Cinemax is having (for the first time ever) a Star Wars marathon. Yes, episodes 1-6 back to back all weekend. My tivo is working overtime, not just for the films but for the promo's.

A couple of weeks ago JF, SR and I were strolling through Brooklyn and we noticed signs all over the place reading "Street closed for star wars promo. Cinemax." I knew if several blocks of Brooklyn real estate were to be closed for a promo shoot, the result had to be entertaining, and it was, oh it was.

Try to catch the promo's and the marathon. Here is just a little taste

Movie clips set to Fix You (you will cry!)

Funny Promo

That trailer was brilliant!!!

The second one is the guy who does "The One Man Star Wars Trilogy" He's been doing it Off-Broadway for a few years.

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