Saturday, January 14, 2006


Demented and Sad, but Social

Xtine is off to The Sundance Film Festival in less than a week and the offices of XtineFiles need YOUR help....

Each year at Sundance Pop Muse and I choose 1 type of music or album that we play over and over and over becomes the sound track of our time there and tends to be the ONLY music we play- in our production office, in the car, all over that damn city.

We got particularly creative in 2004 by going exclusively Rap and followed it up with Reggae in 2005 which was a total much need departure from what you would expect to hear among the throngs of pretentious indie film makers in Park City Utah (sorry, but it is true).

Anyway... we are having some back and forth on this years theme. Pop Muse is mildly protesting my Depeche Mode suggestion and has instead suggested JOHN HUGHES 80s MOVIE BRAT PACK OBSCURE SOUNDTRACK SONGS which is totally brilliant but before I totally buy in I wanted to get your thoughts.

Here is a list of what won out in the us decide the future...

The History:

music style: trying to be cool hipster rock
Coldplay Parachutes
Andrreas Johnson "Glorious"

music style: dirty pop
NSYNC "No Strings Attached"

music style: soundtracks
The Vanilla Sky Soundtrack
The Beach Soundtrack
Out of Sight Soundtrack

music style: Rap
Jay Z the Black Album

music style: Reggae
50 First Dates Soundtrack

What will 2006 be?

Make your suggestions here.

I'm with Popmuse. Don't forget the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack (Hughes wrote it, so it counts) -- Can't Help Falling In Love by Lick The Tins. best. cover. EVER.
Depeche Mode is too obvious a choice seeing as how Dave made your Man of the Year. Gotta be different.

The 80s soundtrack idea isn't bad.

I think you should go for holiday music sans Christmas. Find yourself some Easter, Halloween, New Years, etc. songs.
I endorse Popmuse as well. In fact, the minute I saw the picture I got Suzanne Vega's "Left of Center" stuck in my head. Go for it.
I'd go with the John Hughes idea - Depeche Mode is too depressing, and as writermonkey mentions you'd get to listen to Lick The Tins if you went with John Hughes.

My own idea, which would probably be too much work to assemble, would be if you only listened to songs that had been covered at least once in as many versions as possible, so you could still listen to Can't Help Falling In Love by Lick The Tins, along with the original version, along with, for example, Don't Let Me Be Misundertood (Nina Simone, Santa Esmerelda), Here Comes The Sun (Nina Simone, The Beatles), Lay Down (Ké, Kiki & Herb, Melanie), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Tori Amos, Nirvana, Kiki & Herb [recorded as part of the "People Die Medley"]), Landslide (Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac, but feel free to *not* include those harmonic-sounding Dixie Chicks) and that lovely new version of Crazy that Alanis Morrisette sings.

This is just off the top of my head, mind you, but I'm sure it would be interesting to compare and contrast different versions of the same song by different artists.

My personal collection is a little too Tori-centric but I'm sure if you just sort your iPod alphabetically by track title and only pick the titles that show up two or more times you'd get an interesting mix.

Or else just do that John Hughes thing. That would be fun.
forget it! Depeche Mode all the way!
I bought the tee shirt from Modern Planet that says "demented and sad, but social" I wear it religiously so my vote is for the 80's John Hughes sndtrcks.
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