Friday, January 06, 2006


Oscar turns Blue?

Seems like Jon Stewart is the host for this years Oscars.

In a perfect world something like this would actually matter, but in this post Janet Jackson nipplegate climate I doubt Stewart will really be able to change the old school tone of the show. I mean if Chris Rock couldn't do it, can Jon Stewart?

One can only hope.

What do you think?

Maybe adding a political edge will freshen the show... I don't know. Personally, I thought that John Stewart was an odd choice. I love him on The Daily Show, but his comedic performances outside of political satire have been abysmal. There's going to be no in-between... he's either going to be brilliant, or completely suck. I'm hoping for "brilliant" because The Daily Show is so amazing it has nowhere to go but down if he stinks up the joint.
I never know what to think about this sort of thing. I was looking forward to Chris Rock hosting, but the writers were terrible which translates to Chris Rock looking bad.

Maybe if they fire the Oscar writing crew and hire the Daily Show staff, we'll be set.
Great choice...but I thought CR would stir it up last year but wasn't as funny as I'd hoped. I agree w/ Dave2 that The Daily Show is the perfect arena for Stewart and not sure if he can translate to the endless spectacle of the Oscars. I'm hoping though.

Anything is better than Whoopi or Billy Crystal.
I would have been excited by this except I was starting to like the idea of Jack Black hosting. He'll be fine, safe, slightly political and fine.
sorry - I did start that Jack Black rumour didnt I? oops.
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