Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hold Me Now

With all the 80s music that I have playing in the Sundance condo its no wonder that I've combed my hair to one side ponytail, picked up some frosted lip gloss and spent my time here at The Sundance Film Festival chewing on some bubble yum. Ok, none of that is true-except for the 80s music part.

With 26 hours left before I pack it up and head back to NY I thought now would be a good time to reflect on those 80s misfits that I once adored and who are now here, running around Sundance, desperate for a movie role that they feel will elevate them to "more than just the Breakfast Club" status (so sad that most of them refuse to accept that we love them because of the very thing they try so hard to shed).

Here are some of the 80s faces I've seen this week at Sundance:

Corey Feldman: leaving the Phillips Lounge with some swag bags. NOT ONE PARAZZI noticed him or snapped a picture. I am sad for Feldman, I regret not screaming his name, for surely I can't be the only one in this town that feels the loss for what was once a great Corey empire.

Rob Lowe: Walking down Mainstreet, by himself. He looks like a girl.

Robert Downey, Jr.: When I saw his sort of sober (not really) self I couldn't help but yearn for the 80s version of Robert Downey, Jr. The one with the gapped teeth. I think I liked that Downey Jr. better.

The Beastie Boys: Aging is optional

Matt Dillon: Still cool.

Only one more day left at Sundance but--oh what I would give to see Jake Ryan!

That picture yesterday looks awesome. enjoy it before you head back to the big apple. hope you are having a blast. i'm living through you over here!
What...no Kevin McCarthy????
I don't miss the Corey Feldman empire. The only thing I miss less is the Corey Haim empire. As much as I loved The Lost Boys, Haim was such a... well... let's just say I didn't like him.
Ugh...meant Andrew McCarthy!! Guess I haven't thought about him in a while...
i cant believe i am HERE & have not seen YOU! i am sorry, i have been a crazy woman running around park city with shortness of breath due to my newly developed asthma! good thing i quit smoking, which we still have to celebrate!! xo
My mom says Andrew McCarthy always looks like he is having a difficult bowel movement. Ever since DREAM A LITTLE DREAM/the Michael Jackson influenced style, Feldman makes me uncomfortable, though I do miss Corey-mania. I saw INSIDE DEEP THROAT with Downey in the audience and he was uproarious.
I'm not impressed by celebrity in the least, but it's gotta be emotionally crushing to go from being famous, fussed-over and adored to being forgotten. I always think of rock bands who have to deal with the fact that four million people who bought your previous album decided not to buy your latest one. Ouch. That HAS to hurt.
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