Saturday, January 07, 2006


To Drive or Not To Drive...

I drive a Volkswagen Passat. Before I had the Passat I drove a VW Jetta. Before the Jetta I had a beat up retro oldie BMW 325i.

Tonight I sat in the driver's seat of a Dodge Viper (fyi..I had no idea what a Viper was until tonight). At first I was like "No no no, I cant, I wont, I am afraid," but then I was forced to get in the driver's seat by a very handsome Greek. "Death trap" were the only words circling my brain as I grabbed the steering wheel while squinting out the front window. "I cant see out the back window!" I exclaimed. "One drives forward, why would you need to see out the back," said the Greek. "I need to look over my shoulder when I change lanes," I replied with duress.

Last week I was in Boston. I had lunch in Hingham with my dear friend V. She drank 2 glasses of Cabernet, I had none. She asked if I could drive her hybrid (Toyota Prius) home. I said sure. "Did we loose power?" I exclaimed while stopped at a traffic light. "No, it shuts off when you break, saves power," responded V. "How much gas do you use?" I asked. "About $11 every three weeks," said V.

Viper, Hybrid. Hybrid, Viper. Hummmm.

Ponder that while I go out in my VW.

How did you end up in a situation where you were forced to drive a handsome Greek around in a Doge Viper? Are you a secret agent?
"forced" maybe the wrong use of words...but 'Secret Agent Xtine'--I like the sounds of that!
um, need more info re: handsome Greek, pls!
what jaime said.
lol-sounds like you are doing well and having a good time, x, i can so see you touring town in that!
I'd pick the Viper over the Prius anyday. But not for the handsome geek :)
uchem, i am still waiting for handsome greek info!?!
Nice! Me likey and me very jealous.
Xtine, a handsome greek, and a sportscar...why does that sound so familiar? :)

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