Thursday, January 12, 2006


Into The Ring of Fire

"Whats with all the black, you look like you're going to a funeral"..."maybe I am."

I finally saw Walk the Line tonight. It took me a little while to embrace this film, but when I finally did- it was worth it. I'm not usually one for bio-pics and well, lets face it, Johnny Cash was kinda scary. But now I sort of get it.

Joaquin and Reese were amazing. Oscar worthy at least. And in truth it was only because of them that I kept watching, until the end.

Cry Meter: level 4
Wow factor: 10 (I cant believe Joaquin did all that singing, who knew?)
#of times I reflected on the idea of Joaquin playing a character plagued by the death of his brother: 10 (River....weep)
#of times I thought about my interview with Joaquin for the film Signs: 3
#of times I will beg Academy members to vote for Reese for the Oscar: 1,000

loved that movie. loved!
another greatest hits movie packaged as a bio-pic. very similar to last year's RAY. too similar, just different music.

what singer's life will be caught on film in 2006 when we can see the tragic, poverty filled youth. the early days of breaking into the biz. the rise to fame. the battle with drugs and alcohol. the attempt to win the love a one good woman. redemption and legendary status.
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