Wednesday, January 11, 2006



I was very satisfied with the poetic way the Joy Division moments where handled in 24 Hour Party People. So satisfied that I never really felt a Joy Division movie would be a necessary thing, but it seems that New Order feels differently.

Looks like Anton Corbijn will direct "Control" a film based on a book by Ian Curtis' widow. Its been 26 years since Curtis' death, but I guess somewhere in that lies the start and end of an era. (Samantha Morton will play Curtis wife, no news yet on who will play Curtis, though I think Cillian Murphy would be a good idea.)

Read more here.

Brilliant idea. I cannot wait.
Anton Corbijn and Samantha Morton? I'm there.
i so vividly remember watching 24 PP with xtinefiles in the Grand Palais at Cannes. love that movie!
jaime...wasnt that a great night! (remember the people in the row in front of us that were smoking!) ha.

great night.
the first half of 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE was great w/ the joy division stuff...then went downhill maybe this will be good. i personally think joy division is one of the most overrated bands from that period but i love rock related films so i'll be there.

cillian murphy is too pretty to play ian curtis i think. anything w/ samantha morton though i'm into. she's hard to beat.
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