Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Suffer Well

Its official.

Me. Depeche Mode. Febuary 21st.

, France.

'nuff said.
(xoxoxoxox to friends in high places. you know who you are.)

In other DM Tour news, stay tuned to Xtinefiles for complete reviews of the DM show in Berlin from XtineFiles overseas correspondent Oliver. Coming later this week.

Must... control... overwhelming... jealousy...
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! agree with dave2. am speechless. paris, my favourite city in the whole world... dm, my fave band...

oh hell you are going to have the most amazing time EVER!!!! you must promise me to take lots and lots of pictures!!! where are your seats? jealous, but glad it's you cause you're great!
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And you're jealous I didn't invite you to the show in Chicago?!?!?!

I would've gone. So would Katie. So would Dave. We'd fly ourselves out there for it.
are you rubbing it in? i hate you. why don't you stuff me in a giant piece of luggage and take me with you?
vive la france - see you in paris!
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