Monday, January 02, 2006



For all of the pop culture talk, concert ticket pushing, dvd shilling I do here on XtineFiles sometimes I loose sight of the roots. Like, the real artists that have more talent than most of commercial half-wits I tend to seemingly worship.

So, I'd like to introduce you to my dear friends Jaime and Stephane. Check out their sites and if you would like to buy their art send an email to the address on their site or post a comment here.

Stephane's paintings here

Jaime's Jewelry here

Stephane and Jaime spend half their time in NYC and the rest of the year in France. While their paintings and the Jewelry represent their individual style and talents, the uniqueness and worldly nature of what they create spans an ocean of artistry.

aww shucks! we are honored to be represented on xtinefiles! merci beaucoup!!
ooops, the link is not right for the jewelry ... it's
steph's is cool. thanks again!! jp
i love jewelry!
happy new year gurl!
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