Sunday, January 01, 2006


Do Not Try This At Home

In keeping with #9 on my things to do in 2006 list, I've been watching lots of History Channel during my holiday vacation. But it is vacation day 9 and I've had just about enough of Armageddon Week on H, so I switched to the Discovery Channel for a change.

I found myself stuck in a Mythbusters marathon. For those who dont know, Mythbusters is a show featuring a team of special effects and science experts who attempt to debunk myths. (The show's promo features a very worried Big Foot-makes me laugh every time).

Here is what I learned:

*There is no such thing as the "5 Second Rule" food picks up the same amount (a lot) of bacteria when it hits the floor regardless of the amount of time it spends on that floor (and btw, wet food like lunch meat picks up more bacteria than dry food like crackers)

*There is no physical way a Great White shark can take 3 barrels under water and keep those barrels under water like JAWS did.

*There is no way a Great White shark can pull a boat the size of the Orca backwards like JAWS did.

*There is more bacteria on a human tongue than on a dog's tongue (you heard me right)

*Plugging a shot gun with your finger will not cause the shotgun to backfire (regardless of what you've seen in cartoons)

*Vodka mixed with Cinnamon (aka "the vodka mouth wash") that sits in a container for 2 weeks, then filtered through a coffee filter can cure bad breath to the same effect as commercial mouthwash (WTF?)

Oh my God, I love Mythbusters! However, I refuse to believe that the 5 second rule would expose me to no more "bacteria" than had it been lying there for say, 10 seconds, or 3 weeks, or whatever. Those are crucial seconds! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that your life is way more lively than mine. How about a deal? You take me to Cannes or something, and I'll eat all the food you drop, k?
I need to check that show out. Keep meaning to watch it but never do.

Although, I'm rather fond of myths so not sure I like to see them all destroyed.
Have no fear! Some of the myths turn out to be very true. Not sure if Big Foot stands a chance though
I still don't think I want a dog licking my face. They drink from toilets! People brush their teeth and use mouthwash(theoretically). I'm not sure about that one.

I'd heard about the five-second rule. I never planned to test the finger in a gun thing from cartoons though. How did they actually test that?
I would love to know what the ratio of cinnamon to vodka is for that mouthwash. Did they say anything about flavors? I want minty fresh Belvidere breath, please.
1 cup of vodka to 4 tablespoons of cinnamon

they used a rubber thumb for the gun
I realize you don't know me, but I was wondering if you knew where to find the big foot commercial. I watched the marathon this last weekend, and was laughing SO hard everytime bigfoot came onto the screen. Histerical. Let me know if you have any idea.
antesa---I have been searching for it and I cant find it anywhere!!! But I will not give up until I find it and when I do I will post it.
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