Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Because this makes me feel better than the State of The Union

I dont know if it is ironic or not, but tonight intead of watching the President's State of the Union address, I choose to watch the trailer for Superman Returns - a lot. And wow golly gee...I really cant wait. As the winter blues kick in while the State of the Union is questionable there is nothing like a good trailer for a July blockbuster to warm the soul.

For the most part I find trailers infinitely more enjoyable than the actual films. And the trailer for Superman is one of the best I have ever seen. This will be one of those rare cases where I know the movie will live up to the trailer's power and I am happy to have this gem hold me over while I count the seconds until July.

Superman Returns TRAILER:
Cry Meter: 10 (I cried at the end of the trailer that "the light" bit got me-weep!)
Hot Actor Factor: 10 (really now, is all that necessary?)
#of times my sentimental heart string were tugged: 7
#of times I wondered if the new Lois Lane is gonna be smoker like she was back in '78): 2
#of times I watched the trailer: lost count after 8
#of days until July: too many

Yeah, this might be a good one. It better be, to make up for the fact that X3 is going to suck without Singer. In other news, word has it that Tim Daly and Dana Delany will be reprising their animated series' roles in an upcoming DVD. It's a good year for Superman...except for Smallville...
Well, you already know that I'm looking forward to it. More out of morbid curiosity than anything else. I still miss Christopher Reeve.

Oh, and I completely understand why you would opt for this trailer over the State of the Union address. On Dave's site, I told him I was working at the gym and all but one TV was tuned in to the XGames. That's how desperate they were to not watch Bushie.
That's Brando talking, isn't it? Love how they did that.
I've always thought Superman was a lame superhero. He has far too many super powers and the only weakness he has is a rock from a planet that doesn't exsist anymore. Life is too easy for him. He's a boyscout who's only conflict in life is over unveiling his identity to others (yawn). Despite all of this I am kinda feeling this movie. It looks a little dark and the new Superman is way hotter than Christopher Reeve.
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