Friday, January 27, 2006


Posted on Oprah's website

I don't care whether or not James Frey lied or told the truth. I didn't read the book, nor do I plan to. But yesterday, Oprah's true self shown through. She looked like a monster, ripping into a person who is clearly shattered. She should have taken the higher ground by simply informing viewers who want to read A Million Little Pieces that they should be prepared for something more along the lines of a fictional story with a lesson rather than a work of pure truth. That was all she needed to say. Instead she looked holier than thou as she sat there quizzing James Frey.

Oprah treated James Frey like a criminal and in doing so she created IRRESPONSIBLE TELEVISION. Why can't Oprah see that James Frey, a drug addict, is a victim. If a rape victim wrote a memoir and changed certain things and embellished others, would Oprah give her the same gift of public humiliation? It is very sad that Oprah failed to realize that publicly flogging this drug addict is morally despicable. After all, he did overcome his addiction and clean up. And in the end, isn't that what is most important?

I am SICK of seeing the headlines that read OPRAH FIRES BACK as if she is some god, some hero for the masses. Oprah is not a god and she is not a hero, and calling her such is blasphemy in its worst regard. What she did today is anti-hero. Instead of fighting for the smaller person she STOMPED on him. Instead of giving him, the weaker person, strength she deprived him of DIGNITY. Instead of finding the real message, she trivialized it.

Regardless of what we all think of Oprah, she is still a person that is not without flaw. Occasionally she should remind herself of that and exercise a little humility. The real issue here is that Oprah only cares about herself and how she looks. She endorsed a book that was not what she thought it was and in reality - what's the big deal? Is she really that "embarrassed"? Because I thought the idea behind Oprah's book club was simply to get people to read; I didn't know her integrity was of such consequence. Couldn't a simple "I'm sorry" from James Frey been enough for Oprah? Or does she simply get off on throwing her power about.

And what's all the fuss about "truth?" I am shocked to hear that Oprah suddenly cares about truth. Where has she been for the past, lets see, six years? If TRUTH were important to Oprah perhaps she would have addressed such issues as WMDs, the elections, and even her own personal life. I guess TRUTH is a new commodity for Oprah, one more thing she intends to sell to America along with designer bras and space age washing machines.

Sadly, this show has made me seriously reconsider whether or not my respect for Oprah as been misguided. What are her lies? What are her secrets? And how would she feel if she was publicly flogged? Would her nose itch? Would she shake a little?

Bottom line, there are more important things that need attention in this world. Oprah's ego is not one of them. And, it is a TRUE shame that once again Oprah chose to air a show that serves only Oprah.


I'm still trying to figure out if it is faux anger that's being used to bump Oprah into the media spotlight and cast her as some kind of crusader for truth or something.

She was nothing but supportive when Frey was on Larry King, why the change?

Could it be ratings?!?
Amen, xtine. I'm not sure I agree with calling Frey a "victim," but he does deserve credit for overcoming his addiction. As for Oprah, well, I couldn't have said it better myself...
right you are xtine! First and foremost, it is always now and will be forever about Oprah...
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Well done.

I don't watch Oprah, but I saw the interview on the Web. I can't believe what a flippin' hypocrite she is. She goes on the Larry King show a couple weeks ago defending the guy, which is probably why he was so willing to come on her show, and then she bares her teeth.

I agree that the auspices under which he wrote the book are questionable. But, he's learning his lesson the hard way. He's gone through enough already, hasn't he, Oprah? Do you really need to boost your ratings with a diatribe against this poor guy?

What a witch! I can't stand Oprah, never could.

To answer Dave's question, everything about Oprah is for ratings. Her giveaways are not to be noble, they are to boost ratings. Notice how she never announces them ahead of time? She does it enough that people tune in wondering what her next big giveaway will be. That's all anyone cares about is seeing what she'll give to the world. Her show is terrible. She's not everything that everyone makes her out to be. I'm sorry, but she's in it for herself. If she wasn't, she would just give the stuff away without all the hoopla.

I, personally, will read the book. I've been planning to for weeks. But I have this innate ability to take everything I read with a grain of salt. So, whether it's the full truth or not is a moot point.
You hit it bang on girl. Thanks for sharing this and I hope the little internet spiders get people on this site to read it too. She is just way too over the top and regardless of what James said or wrote about, you don't take recovering addicts and put them in the hot seat like that, after taking them down from the pedastil (sp) you put them on in the first place. What a rotten woman. If anyone out there prays, you should do it for James so this doesn't make him turn back to his old ways in humiliation. Good post babe!
Word. She's just trying to salvage the reputability of her book club picks.
I couldn't care less about Oprah, but I'm personally glad to see Mr. Frey go down in flames. I agree that people who overcome their addiction deserve credit for it. But there's something despicable about overcoming it, then lying about it and misleading millions of readers -- and potentially other addicts, whose trust he has now lost -- in order to make a buck. Oprah's isn't the only ego in this story.
Put me in the column of people who believe Oprah's sense of self-importance overwhelms everything else about her. I rarely watch her show, but caught the first 20 minutes of the Frey interview. I found no pleasure in watching the guy squirm, which is obviously what she wanted. His breathing was so rapid and shallow I thought he was going to hyperventilate.

On the other hand, in all his prior interviews, he presented the story as factual. Never once did he bother saying that parts had been fictionalized for dramatic effect. It's hard to feel sorry for him.

But hey, think of all the material he has for his next fictionalized memoir!
I rarely watch her, but caught the show twice this week. First for her embarrassed "apology" over endorsing Frey. An apology which amounted to blaming him for lying to her and blaming the publishers for a shoddy job. I'm not defending Frey by any means, but she couldn't have been more self-serving. Then to see folks on the show applaud her for being so brave? Disgusting.

Then since the Brokeback boys were on her show Friday, I had to TiVo that. I feared she would dwell on how brave they were for playing gay and would waste time talking about how it felt for them to kiss...blah,blah,blah. My fears were realized as she wasted most of the interview on these tired topics. They spent very little time discussing the themes of the movie or what the movie is meaning for people all over the country, gay and straight alike. My favorite moment was when Anne Hathaway wouldn't answer whether she thought her character knew the truth about Jack and how he died, but said she thought it was obvious (i.e. stupid question, Oprah).
I know Oprah has shared her largesse generously. That doesn't immunize her from criticism. She needs to look at herself and recognize her loss of humility and maybe also examine her attitudes about gays (her 'cutie pie' and innocuously gay decorator notwithstanding).
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Xtine, did you get the memo?

I think that Oprah got lucky in life! I don't see what all the hype about her is all about. Granted she is a role model for Africian-Americains but I agree SHE IS NOT GOD!!!! Shame on you Oprah for wanting ratings and treating James Frey as badly as you did. What does it matter that he stretched the truth a little. I guess you have never done this huh? The MISS PERFECT OPRAH. OH well I guess you can sleep now after YOU FIRED BACK! I applauded you for making a small man look smaller. YOU FEEL BETTER NOW?
Did you see South Park last night?? It was all about this! You would've loved it.
Oprah,I didn't know how to reach you to discuss my situation or if you would be able to help in any to save my daughter's life. She is suicidal and nothing is helping her. I am completely devastated that my daughter does not want to be here anymore, she says she is at peace with death. She is addicted to pain medicine probably for the last 14 yrs and is just admitting to that. She has been through a nasty separation and hopefully divorce this year. She has two beautiful children that my husband and I are taking care of while she is in a rehab but the rehab dr says she is extremely depressed. I don't know what else to do. My husband has nonhogskin lympnoma and we are tired and just want my daughter to get better and enjoy her children. Can you suggest anything.

Desperate to save my daughter.
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