Friday, August 26, 2005


Not Up For the Challenge?

I cannot control the spam that I get in my inbox. Most of the junk I get involves some sort of poll, survey or quiz I need to take. Today's spam subject matter was "Coke vs. Pepsi, you take the challenge."

For a moment I thought I was back inside summer 1987 during the height of the Pepsi Challenge days. I even remember gathering with all of the local kids and conducting our own version of the taste test. I have fond memories of the days when soda suddenly went clear. I also have a soft spot in my heart for the summer of the New Coke backlash. Soda seemed so much simpler then.

Today I'm overwhelmed by the cola wars, so overwhelmed I have actually started to crave tap water.
Is Coca Cola ZERO the new New Coke of today? What is ZERO anyway? If I wanted Cherry Coke shouldn't I just drink Dr. Pepper? If I wanted Lime Diet Pepsi wouldn't I just put a lime in it? What's up with that new Sprite? Why can't I get Diet Caffeine Free Vanilla Coca-Cola? Where did C2 suddenly go? Why does Coca Cola with Lemon taste like Mountain Fresh Liquid Tide?

So many questions, I know, which brings me to my point. I dont think this non committal over stimulated choiced out world is ready for another Pepsi Challenge, do you?

I agree.. I've been getting the same spam and have been completely lost in grocery soda aisle these days. Why do coke and pepsi even need a gimmick? don't they have more money than God?
I am ten days soda free. This post made me yearn a little, but for now that empty spot in me is still being left to ache.
Now I've got Van Halen's "Right Now" stuck in my head along with visions of clear soda....
As I write this, I just finished a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. I'm not kidding. Is it possible to combine more flavors into one can? Were they being ironic with their Pepsi Challenge e-mail? Still, I'll play along. If those were the only two options, I'm a Coke girl.
my head is spinning... i like options, what blogger doesn't? but the soda companies have gotten out of control. I'm drinking a "Pepsi Lime" right now and it is vile, like a lime green lollipop in brown sugar flavored water.
Keep it simple, just drink Mountain Dew. We all know it's the best. The nectar of the gods, I say.
First to Ethan: I am sure that Pepsi or Coke started the rumor, but my desire to one day procreate has forever put me off Mountain Dew.
Second to all: Isn't it amazing that Coke and Pepsi spent the last fifty years and countless trillions on marketing when, in the end, if you are in a restaurant and order a coke, if the waitress says, "Is Pepsi alright?" you always say "whatever"
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