Tuesday, August 23, 2005


500 Channels And...

When I first heard about the show Tommy Lee Goes to College I was like WTF! Having never been a Motley Crue or Tommy Lee fan I shrugged off the show as more mindless mid summer TV junk. Then I watched tonight's episode and I'm shocked that I actually liked it. It is refreshing see a celebrity being forced to work hard while being kicked around by college kids (after all, how many 18 year olds really care about Tommy Lee?).

In tonight's episode Tommy Lee had to learn how to be a drummer in the school marching band. I am sure you are thinking, yeah right, he's a drummer how hard can that be? But he had to work really hard to learn how to play the marching music and learn how to do all of the floor routines (and lets not forget the uniform). After a lot of hard work he prevailed.

It is not everyday that you get to see a celebrity working hard. I think there are bunch of celebrities out there that can do with a good dose of humility and take a page from Tommy's book.

Here are some other shows that in my opinion are rising above the late summer clutter. At the very least they are a nice break from the depression that Six Feet Under left us in.

Over There
Greg the Bunny
the Festival
Hopeless Pictures
Rescue Me
Battlestar Galactica

nice list, I agree with most or all of it depending on how much booze is in me!
I completely agree - I have never really been a Motley Crue fan, nor Tommy Lee (and I work for a classic rock station!) but the show actually is good, and I am beginning to like Tommy... even think he's a smidge cute! ;p What is this world coming to.

And Greg the Bunny is a fabulous show!
You know, I caught an Episode of "Rescue Me" and I was kind of disappointed. The storylines are interesting but the writing didn't seem up to par. (The episode I caught was the one with the gay BBQ, so maybe I was underwhelmed by seeing a gay storyline once again presented in such a blah fashion.)

I agree with you, though, that life will never be the same again without "Six Feet Under."
Greg the Bunny is still on? Of all the cancelled FOX shows to find new life elsewhere...
Speaking of FX... "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia." Starring Charlie Day. Hate to say it, kinda funny.
What about Stella? No?
Tommy and Eva Longoria? As a San Antonio Spurs fan, and of her boyfriend, Tony Parker, it hurts me that she keeps hooking up with these 80s icons like Tommy and Kiefer. I feel like she's going through her high school scrapbook making check marks by all of the celebrity crushes she has now conquered.
Over There is an amazing show.
I'm also digging Starved.
Yup, well my boss converted me as a Motley Crue fan and recently I started to watch the show. All I'm saying is that Tommy is kinda hot!!!!! lol For his age of course..........
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