Sunday, April 01, 2007


Oh Trent!

Trent Reznor lives!

It seems like he has been gone for quite a bit and there were rumours in LA for like two solid years that he became one of the departed. The living proof? I just got an advance of the new NIN cd. It is pretty great.

All this time I thought Trent was dead in the Mojave desert. But I was wrong, Trent is not dead, he's just been at the gym. Dare I say, he's now hot in that post goth way. Shaved head, buff body and all. Am I nuts? Maybe a little bit. Perhaps I've just been sleeping too much.

check this out...performing Bela Lugosi's Dead w/ Peter Murphy. (one of the best songs of all time, remember the Hunger?)

Toupe or hair weave.
Nuts? Hardly.

Hello biceps.

((but I thought he was hot before...despite all that rage....or because of it))
Year Zero presents a dystopian wasteland of war, mind control, totalitarianism, environmental ruin and alienation, Reznor's base camp.

Love that line from Edna Gunderson's review in USA Today.
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