Friday, December 29, 2006



1. Beyonce.
Ms. Knowles tops the list because she is a star with out the raucous. In a recent interview with Diane Sawyer, Beyonce admits that the most important thing to her right now is going home to her mom's house where she will spend the week eating fried turkey. Now, what other female celeb will admit to eating, no less eating fried turkey? bon appetite Beyonce.

2. Nancy Pelosi.
She'll be the first woman speaker of the house in US history when the congress hands over power in January. Her first order of business? Having a four day party to celebrate this historic occasion. Go Nancy Go Nancy Go!

3. Diane Sawyer.
She dresses like a Wisconsin librarian, forgetting at every turn that she is on TV and people are watching. But perhaps thats just what is most brilliant about her. The work comes first, the glamour comes second.

4. Madonna.
She cant do anything right. She's been unfairly 'crucified' in the media for the adoption of baby David, thus proving the theory that people just dont like it when celebrities do good things. Keep up the good work Madge.

5. Barbara Walters.
Say what you want about baba, she gets huge props for standing behind Rosie O'Donnell for blasting that sue happy Donald Trump (so far, that is). She also gets a big nod for her very human, funny, and genuine interaction with the Dali Lama in her recent special on Heaven.

Dresses like a "Wisconsin librarian"? Is that good? I'm a librarian myself and like to think I'm fairly dapper when I'm in the mood.
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