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This year movies pretty much stank. The Oscars are going to be a joke. In fact, the Oscars are a joke! An antiquated system governed by antiquated people. So, here on Xtinefiles, I'm making my own rules. Movies of the Year go to films that made me scream YEAAAHHHH while holding back droplets of pee pee.

I hate to be graphic, but come on for a minute! Movies are supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat. They are supposed to make you want more as they throw you head on into the abyss of all that is real and unreal. They should make you think, feel, cringe, cry and scream. That is what movies are supposed to do. Period.

Movie of the Year...
BORAT: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

* lets just make one thing perfectly clear...if Leo DiCaprio, Marty and Departed don't win some sort of Oscar I'm quitting da bizness. (And the Golden Globes do not count because have you ever met a member of the Hollywood foreign press? Thought not.)

I shall name my first born Leonardo Kal-El.

End Year.

I still have to check out The Departed and Blood Diamond; thanks for the reminder. Superman Returns was pretty good, and BORAT was ridiculously funny, even the parts I had to watch with my hands over my eyes, like that hilarious and disgusting hotel room fight. Cracked me up when the kids ran up to the ice cream truck and the bear greets them too.

Pirates 2 and Casino Royale proved to be my favorites though, looking back. Pirates had plenty of those YEAAHH moments while surprising me with an ending worthy of Empire.

Happy New Year!
Leo and Marty did indeed have a banner year, even if the rest of the movie crop did pretty much stink .. I don't think Scorsese will finally win his Oscar for Best Picture, though it would be well-deserved .. they'll probably try to mollify him with the Best Director prize instead
Leo won't win. He's cursed by the fact that he will likely be nominated for both films. Half his votes will go to one and half will go to the other. He's screwed. Simply put.
I'm with you--the pickings were paltry this year and I saw nearly 100 new releases and 216 films in total. I was looking at what might make up my top 10 and I'm struggling. A lot of mediocre stuff this year.
Did you see Pan's Labyrinth then? No movie exemplifies "throw you headlong into the abyss of all that is real and unreal" quite like that one. Never mind "think,feel,cringe,cry,scream" because you'll do them all before the credits roll.
Xtine, you commented on my blog once back in 2005 when I reviewed War of the Worlds and we were of like minds on the overabundance of references to historic human tragedy in that film. So, finding Superman Returns on this list is a bit of disappointment for me. Don't get me wrong... I saw it three times (once in IMAX, which was admittedly stunning) but Bryan Singer was clearly out of touch with what makes Superman tick. He would never willingly abandon Earth or Lois. And if for some reason he had to, he would never try to split up her marriage to a man who does truly love her the second he gets back. So, breath-taking visuals aside, that one fell flat for me.
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