Friday, December 29, 2006



1. George Clooney.
Its simple. People know what Darfur is because of him.

2. Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat.
Inbetween the sex jokes, the mispronunciations and one very large bag of poop, Borat has pointed out all of our flaws in this supposed civilized nation.

3. Martin Scorsese.
Once again Scorsese has delivered a Oscar winning movie that will probably NOT earn him the Oscar. See the Departed, weep for him in February.

4. Bono and Russell Simmons (tied).
Busy dudes? Hell yes. Time for the people? Hell yes.

5. Anderson Cooper.
Wherever the world needs him, he goes. He's been battered by hurricanes, moved to tears by humanitarian crisis, and nearly died when Hezbollah rockets flew past his head in Haifa. For those things alone, he must be on a best list!

Marty win an Oscar? Yeah, as much as he deserves it, I'm not sure I ever see it happening. Should've happened two decades ago. Alas...
I think he'll win this year, but even if he doesn't, his legacy is secure. Only the Academy will look silly. But then, they voted for Traffic so should he even want their approval?
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