Monday, October 16, 2006


You're Gonna Make It After All!

Those of you who work for a big company know at least once a year the whole company gets together in a giant hotel ball room to talk about successes, air grievances, sing songs, and celebrate working with the 'best of the business'. I had such an event the other day. At the event the head of the company gave out funny awards.

I received the Mary Richards Award.

At first, I was mortified. After all, Mary Richards is the fictional character played by Mary Tyler Moore in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary moves to Minneapolis after a relationship goes bad. She finds work as a producer in a small television newsroom. Mary continues to hope for romance but she finds her friends are more dependable. Hummm.

By now the shock is starting to wear off as I sit here with my framed Mary Richards award certificate. And, well, to be honest it is starting to grow on me. Perhaps Mary Richards and I aren't so different after all. And maybe thats not such a bad thing. Oh Mary.

That has to be one of the more interesting awards I've ever heard of.

Well ... you do have "spunk"! I, unlike curmudgeonly fictional News Director Lou Grant, *LOVE* SPUNK!

Seriously though -- I think it's a complement. Remember when OPRAH re-created the MTM show open with HERSELF as the MTM character?? SHE wanted to be MTM so badly she humilated herself in front of the NATION! You, however, came by the moxie-fueled comparison the old fashioned way. You earned it! :)
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Tis the season of the big corporate meeting. I just had my national sales meeting yesterday, no funny awards given out this time but I was subject to 4 of my co-workers dancing on the bar at Hogs and Heffers after our party last night. I politely exited and put myself in a cab when no one was looking.
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