Sunday, October 29, 2006


A Hunting We Will Go

In celebration of Halloween, I've been stuck on several ghost hunting shows. Shows like A Haunting and Most Haunted have kept me moderately frightened and entertained. As a result, I've come to several compelling conclusions about possessions, hauntings, exorcisms, and the over-all evil doing un dead.

*When a family reaches their breaking point and leaving their haunted house is not an option their final attempt on eliminating the ghosts is calling in the Catholic Priest. Nobody ever seems to call a Rabbi, a Muslim Cleric or a Buddhist Monk. Sure every once in a while a shaman will show up, but for the most part de-haunting a house has become the plight of the Catholic Priest.

*During an exorcism the person calling out the spirit always screams and yells in a manner that seems to only infuriate the spirit more. Asking it to leave nicely seems totally out of the question. "Leave this house now, I command you!"

*The Night Vision Goggle Green Light Re-inactments: Why the hell would you ghost hunt in the dark?

*With regard to the Catholic Priest. Any Priest has the authority to perform a common exorcism, that is excising evil from a home or place. However, the Vatican must approve any attempt on an exorcism of a possessed person or persons. As in, "lick me lick me" and "the power of Christ compels you"

*Thanks to the Sixth Sense suddenly everyone is an expert. A light chill in the room? Clearly the house is haunted. Hairs raised on the back of your neck? Oh yeah, thats a ghost for sure.

*Advice to Ghost Hunters: Dont scream out, "Show yourself you evil bastard, I'm not scared of you!" and then scream like a little girl when the unplugged tv mysteriously turns on by itself. wuss.

Happy Hunting.

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