Thursday, October 12, 2006


Grey Gardens

My dear friend LM is proud of me. After all these years I have finally embraced the ever elusive documentary film. True I was forced into it by some strange office twist of fate, but nonetheless I am finding a new found joy in all that is truer than fiction.

In celebration, this weekend I watched the infamous 1975 Maysles classic Grey Gardens. Holy cow. Gray Gardens is a painterly like film that looks inside the very very strange lives of Edith Bouvier Beale and Edie Beale (the aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy). The film looks at their eccentric lives in a cat infested broken down mansion in Long Island's well to do East Hampton. It is riveting from start to finish and not surprisingly is making a comeback as out takes are about to be released on DVD. Netflix it. Now.

# of times I called my outfits this week a "costume": 4
# of times I have heard "Its like Gray Gardens meets..." in pitch meetings: 14
# of head scarfs and pashmina's I own: 8
# of times I wear said head scarfs: 0 (well, maybe once on Memorial day weekend)
# of cats in the Beale home: more than 10
Rumored to play Edith and Edie in the "based on" movie: Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange
Other famous East Hampton residents: P.Diddy, Ina Garten, Martha Stewart, Steven Spielberg, Will Smith, Ronald Perelman

Scene from Grey Gardens set to Madonna music

The Remix

Claymation Edie on finding a Libra husband

Gray Gardens Fan Site

It's also going to be on broadway.
I reviewed this last month too, glad to finally see it before the film adaptation hits...didn't know about Broadway. Jeez, Little Edie singing about racoons while feeding them bread? That's Broadway? I just don't see that.
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