Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Prior to the plane crash moment in NYC this afternoon xtine had a celebrity sighting. I dont normally get star struck. I mean there was a time way back when celebrity left me in constant awe, but after you meet enough of them the enigma, allure, and exhilaration tends to wear off. It becomes, at the very least, only slightly amusing.

That said, today's celebrity sighting evoked the spirit of surprise and childlike giddiness I once had. I was walking down 23rd street, I had my new prada hand bag in one hand and script for my latest project in the other. I was lamenting on the rough cut I had just screened and continued on my walk back to the office as most NY'ers do, in silent soulless oblivion. I rounded the corner of 23rd street and 7th avenue when I bumped into, literally, CNN's Anderson Cooper. I stopped dead in my tracks, and like a star struck fool my mouth was agape as my body froze. Anderson Cooper, tv news super star and me on the corner of 23rd and 7th. My reaction was slightly embarrassing, I mean I've become a self proclaimed anti celebrity whore (goes to show you sometimes our personal declarations best go unspoken).

But all of this is not the point of my story. The point is, should I be concerned that the only people (celebs or sub-lebs) left for me are those who give me my tv news? Would Larry King have evoked the same reaction (yikes)? Are my tabloid days truly over?

Perhaps some meditation is in order.

AR-be safe over in Tel Aviv, come home soon.

My wife would love to have had that encounter. She thinks Anderson Cooper is the second coming. Or is it "third coming" these days?
the thing is anderson is a mysterious celeb, he is like the stars of the 80s who revealed things about themselves in small doses... like that whole brother suicide, mom jeans, naturally grey... all in small doeses over years. todays celebs reveal all over their first interview, which is boring.

count ten breathes then start again.
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