Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Summer 2006

I've been trying to figure out how I can fill in the blanks for all of you, perhaps an attempt at explaining my 3 month absence from my very tiny yet beloved xtinefiles fan base. But instead of giving you a narrative of the ins and outs, ups and downs and here and there's, I thought I would just create for you a playlist.

The songs below will forever be a part of my memory, as they were and will always be, my Soundtrack to summer 2006. Download the songs and hear to them for yourself.

#1. Original of the Species, U2: dedicated to GD who gave me the gift of August

#2. City of Blinding Lights, U2: dedicated to the WORLD CUP CHAMPION ITALIANS. The games still remain saved on my Tivo. ole.

#3. Live To Tell (live bootleg), Madonna: I dont care what ya'll say, that Madonna hanging on a disco cross moment was enlightening for me. Maybe a little earth shattering too.

#4. Crazy, Gnarls Barkley: 'nuff said

#5. Tiny Dancer, Elton John: dedicated to DN and VB for our July 4th road trip, when we asked ourselves "what is this tiny dancer and why does Elton need to hold it so damn close"

#6. Take a Bow, Muse: dedicated to the side porch talking, coffee drinking Sundays at LK's house...a lot

#7: Take My Breath Away, Berlin: dedicated to all the people I passed on the San Diego side streets as I drove recklessly in my rented silver blue mustang convertible pretending to be Kelly McGillis (call sign Charlie) while attempting to reinact the chase scene between Charlie and Lt. Pete Mitchell (call sign Maverick).

#8: Flash, Queen: dedicated to all the uber geeks I maced with my Chanel No. 5 at Comicon in order to dull the stank of gym socks, farts and pizza.

#9. Alone, Heart: Inspired by an early spring trip through the desert with MBP, this song stuck with me, reminding that sometimes all you need in life is a power ballad

#10. Almeno Stavolta, Nek: not only is Nek the next greatest thing soon to hit the pop scene in America (its my personal mission to get him to be the opening act for Robbie Williams next summer at the Staples Center in Los Angeles...should I keep dreaming-on both accounts?) either way, this song is on the list because even if I try to get it out of my head, its the kind of song that sticks, and sticks and sticks.

#11: Little Bird, Annie Lennox: dedicated to DN, LK, LS, and AP for kicking off the summer on Memorial Day weekend with lots of hope and great sausage.

Knights of Cydionia and Starlight, Muse: these 2 songs will be the sound of my Labor Day road trip, which will, for sure inspire me to plow full steam ahead into Fall.

for those near and dear whom I have not seen enough of this summer...
LKM and TM I owe you a visit "up state"
WMD I owe you a glass of wine after work
JP I owe you steak frites at Pastis
SMG and MN tree trimming will be here soon enough
VS I owe you 2 pounds of cheese for letting me use you home as my quartly gettaway
LL, ML, KL, JF, SF, SF, KF thanks for putting up with me
AR you owe me a dinner

stay tuned...the reinvention of xtinefiles continues, dont worry- the shout outs will end soon.

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