Wednesday, May 10, 2006



I know I am going to get some backlash for this one, but I don't care!

Evita has been showing on one of the cable movie channels that I have and never watch. I got sucked into it on Sunday morning and haven't been able to get the tunes out of my head since. I remember loving Evita when it came out in theaters. Perhaps it was because of Madonna or maybe because it brings back childhood memories (it was the first Broadway show I ever saw). I'm over Madonna as Evita now. I mean it was a nice moment in time, she did a great job worthy of the Golden Globe and I love how we now know that she was preggers with Lourdes during the filming. What strikes me more, now here in 2006, is Antonio Banderas.

Antonio was truly amazing in that film. I cant remember if Madonna overshadowed him in the press for the film or not (I am sure she did), but I think we should give a special Golden Globe to him. He clearly was the strength and the backbone of the film, and well, the costumes too.

Evita re-view:
#of days the song "A new Argentina" has been stuck in my head: 4
#of times I am irritated by Madonna's overuse of her movie teeth: 6
#of times I revolt myself at the thought of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith as a couple: 14
Cry meter: level 2
Wardrobe Jealousy: level 3

Banderas was great in that movie as was Jonathan Pryce. And, of course, they were both overshadowed by the "marketing juggernaut" that is Madonna.
I had no desire whatsoever to go to this movie, but a girl I liked at the time really wanted to go and so I relented.

She fell asleep 25 minutes into it. After 30 minutes, I was ready to join her.

i don't care what anyone says. i loved that movie and still enjoy it to this day. so i'm gay -- you got a problem with that?
Oh sure, now look what you've made me do! I just dusted off my soundtrack.
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