Thursday, May 04, 2006


Lost and Found

Ana Lucia is Dead. And I'm now back into LOST.

Last night's episode was amazing in that finally one of the main characters goes completely insane and starts killing people. Is he one of the "others"? Is he just crazy? Was he trying to set Henry up? I dont know and to be honest I dont care. Its just great to finally see people on this island wig out to this extent.

I know if I was stuck on that damn creepy Island with all of those freaking people I'd go ape wild too. Which brings me to the point of my post. If stuck on the LOST Island, what items from civilization would I miss the most.

#1. Air conditioning
#2. Wireless internet access and an ibook
#3. Cell phone
#4. Sunglasses
#5. Sun block
#6. A tweezer
#7. an ipod
#8. a Starbucks
#9. electricity or a power supply
#10. a tv (with a full cable package and/or Direct TV)

Call me crazy, but I think I'd miss real honest-to-goodness toilets and toilet-paper a whole lot sooner than any of those things.

Leaves chafe. Trust me.
oh good thinking!
That was a damn good episode. One of the few this season. I, too, am looking forward to what happens next.
Just what I need, another good daily read. Thanks a lot, Kapgar!

Loved "Lost" this week. Great stuff. Guess it's not a good thing to get a DWI if you work for J.J. Abrams.
Hey, as long as my island had hatches, guns, a phonograph, and a colorful cast of characters, I'd be set.

I would miss a real bathroom too though. And the internet certainly. And refridgerated food. But not traffic. Or work.

Abrams denies the DWI connection, says Michele approached him last year about doing only one season, and when the DWI happened he was like "oh great they're gonna think it's this." Cynthia Watros is supposedly on a new show with Tom Cavanaugh which could explain her departure. I wanted to see them do SOMETHING with her--been a fan since her 2 year stint on Drew Carey(why is she always paired with fat guys?) and her character was underused here. Maybe we'll learn more in Hurley's flashbacks if she's gone. Poor Hurley. :(
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