Monday, May 01, 2006


Coachella Review

to see video from Coachella go here

Depeche Mode at Coachella...

#1. Not DM's best show. You could tell, they didnt seem to want to be there
#2. HOME was the best performance
#3. Seeing DM from 1.3 miles away makes me sad
#4. Hearing DM do Photographic and Stripped was pretty cool
#5. Perhaps I was too far away but they were not loud enough

end result...thank goodness I am seeing them in NY in 2 weeks.

#1. Never again will I go to the beast that is Coachella
#2. Dry heat is not my thing
#3. The bathrooms....oh the bathrooms... there is not enough Purell in the world!
#4. I've never seen so many wasted people
#5. Audio many bands, too many sounds, too many things to run to

Oh, what a shame!Hope the NY gig will be much better!Still, great pics!
I hope it's better, too. This threat is the reason why I've never gone to any outdoor festivals. I had enough trouble hearing Lenny Kravitz at Soldier Field. I can't imagine having the music that diffused.
i've never liked outdoor shows. the sound is never as good as those inside.

6 days until DM in Kansas City! I hope hope hope they play "Photographic" and "Stripped" at the one I'm at.
toldja so.
although dry heat is wonderful, as long as you have an ice cold pool along with it.
Where did you find it? Interesting read »
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