Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Xtinefiles will be closed temporarily for no reason other than Xtine needs a break.

You will all be notified once Xtine returns.

Thank you for your support.


xtinefiles goes dark. the blog world trembles.
Bummer. This is totally like that X-files season finale where Mulder finds the Smoking Man has burned all the files in his office, only this is the Xtine files, there's no Duchovny, and nothing's on fire and everything will still be here when you get back. Enjoy your break!
I feel the love! I will be back soon.
I was going to cry out in pain but then I saw your comment.
Oh!Hope to see you soon girl!Btw I'm going to see DM on 12 June in Budapest so watch out for my review and pics!Take care!
Are you still coming back?
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