Friday, April 07, 2006


I Dream of Rain...

Three weeks away from Xtine's desert adventure to see Depeche Mode at Coachella....I'm counting the seconds.

Check out some DM Touring the Angel moments:

World in My Eyes from Wembley
Policy of Truth from Madison Square Garden
John The Revelator from Barcelona
Home from Madrid
Enjoy the Silence from Madrid
A Pain that I'm Used to from Madrid
Just Cant Get Enough from Texas

So how many DM shows will this be officially?

You should post about your concertgoing history. I'd love to see a list of some of the shows you've seen over the years.
Sadly I have lost track of all the concerts I have seen over the years...I guess some where less memorable than others...though I do recall a few NSync moments!
i'm seeing them in kansas city on may 10. excited!

i could make xtine pretty envious by telling of my story in meeting book of love and then hanging out w/ depeche backstage in 1986 after their show in ft. worth. nicest band member--alan wilder and it isn't even close.

if i could relive one show i'd love to redo that one from "black celebration" as i love all the songs and i was a young teenager.
Replicant...I want a complete review of the May 10th show!
Man....I'm soo jealous!!
As you know I've just seen them in London but I want it again and again,lol!!
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