Tuesday, March 07, 2006



One of my new favorite show on TV is Related. I know its predictable, girly, over the top and frilly. But I love it! It is about four very different sisters living in NYC who spend way too much time with each other. You should check it out if you are into dramedy sap during the week.

And so my cred isn't totally blown by this admission, you should note that one of the shows co-stars is Dan Futterman who not only wrote the screenplay for Capote, but was nominated for an Oscar and won the Indie Spirit Award for screenplay this past Saturday (by the way I saw Dan driving away from the Spirits in a Honda).

Related also stars the fabulous Jennifer Esposito who also stars in the Oscar winning film Crash.

So there. With my cred fully intact, I whole heartedly endorse Related, Monday's at 9pm on the WB.

Partially intact, perhaps. Fully? Well that remains to be seen.

Oh no! Popmuse keeps Tivoing Related and it pains me. It's Sex in the City meets 7th Heaven.
o not listen to bloghungry, he knows nothing beyond cooking shows, i love related... its a guilty pleasure like none other, well except "Starting Over" but i doubt your ready for that. also i still say Jennifer Lopez stole Jennifer Espisito's career.
you are right about J.Lo and J.Eso...you know come to think if it I think the dude that plays J. Eso's husband on the show is also the Geiko Gekko's voice. right right??
Everyone is allowed one WB guilty pleasure show. But..."Related"? No one even has special powers...
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