Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The Pitch...

I hear bad pitches for movies and tv shows all day long, and boy what I'd give to hear a pitch as fantastical as the one that was shouted on this week's Soprano's. If only Hollywood was as easy as the Soprano's....or is it?

In case you missed it...said with a heavy NY accent:

"Saw meets Godfather...proven track record-both genres, young wiseguy gets betrayed by his people and then they whack him...leave his body parts in dumpsters all over the city--long story short he is put back together by science or maybe its supernatural and he gets fucking pay back on everyone who fucked him over, including the cunt he was engaged to."

Brilliance comes in many packages...what a scene!

I want your job.
I don't get it. A professional would scatter those parts better. How is he still alive? Wait, maybe it would work if all the dumpsters are on the same route, and his parts get brought to the same junkyard...

I love that show. :)
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