Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Old Me

I was driving around my town this weekend enjoying my first weekend at home in 2 weeks. I ended up doing the normal weekend stuff, like signing up for belly dancing classes at the "yoga center", using my starbucks gift certificate, and driving around to the gone but not forgotten Ray of Light cd. At one moment I was stopped at a traffic light on the main drag and what faced me on my left was a site that I was not prepared for. At first I thought it was a premonition, a vision, a spritely site in Queens, then I realized it was just a new TV show. "OLD CHRISTINE" printed in gigantic red letters on the side of NY city bus.

Oh Joy.

I'm 28 days away from my 32nd birthday. Do I feel old? Hells no. But a show called
"OLD CHRISTINE" (xtine=christine for those of you who may be a little dim) is just cruel. On behalf all Christine's in the world I'd like to just say publically; couldn't they have picked a more obscure name like Gertrude, Belinda, or Inga? And did they really need to put that much into the Ad campaign. I mean even the shows I produce dont market on city buses because of the expense.

And what is the Old Christine (correct title: The New Adventures of Old Christine) show anyway? It is kinda of a dumb name for a show dont you think? It sounds sort of like This Old House meets the Waltons. I also hear it stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which actually makes me feel even worse about the whole thing.

As you can tell by my mini-rage I wont be tuning in. I hope you dont either.

Don't hate me, but we TiVo'd it just to give it a shot. Doesn't mean we'll keep watching it as, like you said, it is JL-D and we all know what her post-Seinfeldian exploits have been like.
Don't hate me either -- I already watched both episodes and I wasted an hour of my life.

It was, eh, okay. The only good part was Andy Richter in the second episode. Otherwise, this is going to get "old", fast.
Yeah, we finally watched the first episode last night. We both agree that JL-D is the worst thing about it. Everything else was decent, at best, but she ruined it.
My rage was fueled by the fact that I tuned in expecting a new How I Met Your Mother, only to see a new JL-D sitcom likely to fail like the rest of her pre- and post- Seinfeld work.

Andy Richter's in it though? Meh, between HIMYM, 24, and the return of Prison Break, my Monday is full.

Hey at least it wasn't the New Adventures of Old Xtine. :)
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I don't know anything about the show, but when I saw the same ad I thought that it had to do with the Stephen King novel and (execrable) movie.
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