Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Life is Like a Box of Adjectives...

I'm lucky enough to work for company that believes in 'executive coaching' which is basically a nice way of saying "company enforced professional psychotherapy so that our senior managers dont end up beating our clients with tape dispensers." (sometime it doesn't always work).

Anyway my executive coach thought I should take this new personality test that was developed by some Swedish dude. And so, in keeping with one of my 'core values' I shall share this with all of you.

the results...

"In order for me to feel most meaning and meaningfulness in my life it’s important for me to”:

Receive comfort, solace, and consolation in times of fear or grief.

Be treated in a fair, just, and equitable manner both socially and legally.

Be intuitive in my knowing, in touch with my deeper levels of consciousness.

Convey compassion, genuine concern, and wishes of well-being in all my relationships, even the most difficult.(Compassion)

Be spoken to and touched fondly with affection, tenderness and regard.

Communicate, convey, and exchange information, ideas or feelings.

interesting, eh?

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! »
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