Friday, March 03, 2006


The Blizzard of Ozz

I'm currently in Los Angeles doing some work, hence the delay since my last post. But really it was worth the wait.

I don't normally get star struck, but yesterday was one of the days when you see someone and you blush as your mind says, "oh my goodness oh my goodness." Ozzy Osbourne, yes the Prince of Darkness himself made me giggle like a school girl. I did a shoot with him yesterday and it was truly amazing. I'm mean, Ozzy, he's a legend right?

During the two hours of watching him being interviewed and photographed I made some observations:

1. Despite what you've seen on TV, Ozzy is actually pretty articulate. Sure he is hard to understand and all but the things he says are really quite well thought out and all wisdom like.

2. He has really shiny hair

3. He has more bling on his wrist than P. Diddy

4. He arrived in a red Bently, driven by a driver (would you let Ozzy drive? thought not)

5. He is like a daddy. We had a photographer on set and when it came time to take staff photo's my self and my co worker walked up to him as he put his arms around us and said, "Come on girls" - awe.

6. When I was introduced to him he shook my hand while repeating my name, "hello xtine." (it is always nice when celebs say your name...sign of respect)

7. See number 6- I have Purelled a lot, but have not really washed that hand yet. (ewe)

8. Unlike most rock stars (and I have met many) Ozzy is truly greatful for his success and shows love for his fans more then any rocker I have ever met. "I should be dead," he said, and in that statement there is a genuine humility.

9. He is a really good story teller

10. He doesnt like it when people come up to him on the street and say, "Ozzy fucking Osbourne" he prefers, "Hey Ozzy!"

Ozzy was one of the coolest celeb experience I have ever had. He was amazingly nice, patient and way more normal that I ever could have expected.

I'm now an Ozzy fan, forever.

Ozzy's the man. So long as I can force myself to never remember that show ever again.
Ah, enough with the Depeche Mode and Robbie Williams or whoever... Ozzy is more like it :) No he can put on a show. Still.
damn, x, how can i get your job?? you have cooler stories in a month than i get in a year.
Jealosy and awe. Seriously though, that's some job. Last week Paris, this week Ozzy; what will next week bring?
Now if only you could meet Lita Ford ...
I felt similarily after I met Aaliyah. She was truly a lovely young woman.
mcf... I am staying home next week! I was going to go to texas with popmuse for the SXSW fest but I got some home stuff to attend to. Next trip? who knows.
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