Thursday, February 23, 2006



Take a look at these for now. The complete review will come tomorrow.

oh that looks awesome! very jealous,now!
Dave Gahan is a good Jedi! I knew it! He has two lightsabers, he's that good!
Hope you took your camera along to make Depeche Mode 101.2
question, whats up with that pic of dave, is martin coming up behind him to stab him in the back? is martin playing violin? have the terrorists won?
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I believe martin was raising his hand while singing, though an attempted stabbing would have been interesting. "I knew I never should have let you write 3 songs on the album, now thats all people talk about- dave's songs this and dave's songs that"

makes me want to go to paris right now! but, i'd still have missed the show but i'd still have paris.
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